My teacher touched me in high school, says Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Miss Nepal 2018 performed a spoken word poetry in the talent round of the contest. The poetry titled ‘Colors’ was about violence against girl children. After she was crowned Miss Nepal, she has decided to probe into the problem and try helping girls escape such crime.

In a Instagram chat with her followers, Shrinkhala talked about her experience and how such problems can be dealt with. I have created a video report with the main points of her discussion in the following video:

In the video, Shirnkhala has talked about how to deal with eve-teasing problem in the streets in Nepal. Although she didn’t give a solution, she sure has thought about it in detail and gave two different scenarios :
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xNepali Exclusive Videos

I have started video blogging for a while now. I have started making some videos that are exclusive to xNepali. These videos are unlisted in the YouTube. So, they can’t be found in YouTube and are hidden from the public.

Top 5 political events of 2016

On the last day of 2016, I looked back to the year 2016 and listed out the top 5 political event from all over the world.

The political events include – the presidential election of the USA, terrorist attacks in Europe, Brexit, military coup on Turkey.
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Aaital apologizes, gets second chance in Eco Beauty video competition, Dibyata questions why?

When the video Miss India Earth, Aaital Khosla, submitted for the video competition in Miss Earth 2015 competition proved to be a plagiarized and was a misrepresentation, the video was taken down by the organizers. In place of the previous video, Aaital was given an opportunity to submit a new video. The new video in the competition is the same as the previous one, by replacing the scenes from Nepal by the scenes of India.

dibyata and aital in miss earth 2015

According to the Nepali contestant, Dibyata Vaidya, Aaital shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the video competition as her submission has failed to qualify and was removed. But, the organizers have allowed her the second chance by letting her upload the edited version of the video. Vaidya says, “Miss Earth Organization should not give second chance as it would be unfair to other countries who have worked so hard in so much pressure to submit the video before the deadline.”

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Being Sunny Leone, Shristi Shrestha hot appearance in a Bollywood music video

Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha, is featured in a remix video of a popular song of a Bollywood movie ‘Jackpot’. The music video features the actor of the movie Sachin Joshi opposite to Shristi. In the original filming of the song ‘Kabhi Jo Badal Barse…’ actress Sunny Leone was featured opposite to Sachin.

In the music video, Shristi seem to be a competition to Sunny in terms of the sensuality (watch the video to decide):

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Rekha Thapa says she is not a Maoist, anymore

In an interview with the ‘Shukrabar’ weekly, actress Rekha Thapa has stated that she is not a CPN (Maoist) member. The statement has come after the party failed to get anticipated seats in the CA election.

Rekha had joined the party in a highly publicized event before election. Maoist had also offered the actress a ticket in the election. But, she had to relinquish the ticket because of her failure to register herself as a voter. Rekha had also participated in some election rallies of the party.

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Keki Adhikari explains the meaning of her name in a video

Nepali actress and well known music video model Keki Adhikari has prepared a video to explain the meaning of her name. The name ‘Keki’ is unique and most of the people she meet ask her the meaning of the name.

The name actually comes from the father language of Nepali language – Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language, Keki means a beautiful bird, peacock. In the video, apart from explaining the meaning of the name, Keki has also addressed other questions that follow.

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NFDC National Film Award 2069 full coverage video

NOTE – the National Film Award result was posted previously.

The NFDC National Film Award 2069 ceremony was held in Kathmandu on July 21 2013.

The following video is prepared by TV Filmy to cover the first National film Award. The video starts with the introduction of the judges – actress Chaitya Devi Singh, sound engineer Pradeep Upadhya, cinematographer/photographer Manju Kumar Shrestha, production manager Narayan Dhoj Pradhan.

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Tutorial – creating video screenshot using Media Player Classic

If you want to create a preview screenshot of a video, you can use Media Player Classic (MPC). The MPC is a free media player – a very useful tool to view any type of media in computer. There are many different ways to take screenshot of a video, depending on the program you choose. MPC is one of the easiest and most popular way of creating screenshot of a video.

Here, MPC is used to create two different types of screenshots of a video.

  • Single Image
  • Multiple images – time stamped thumbnails

Part 1 – Single Image screenshot

Step by step method of creating Single Image screenshot

1. Open a video file in MPC and move to the position where you want to take the screenshot.


2. File –> Save Image …

3. Give a filename or use the default image name

4. Final output

Part 2 – Multiple images – time stamped thumbnails

1. Open the video

2. Navigate to File –> Save Thumbnails … as in the step 2 above

3. In the ‘Save As’ dialogue, there are a few more advanced options  when compared to the step 3 in single image screenhot.

4. Choose optimum number of thumbnails in rows and columns and choose the aggregate width of the image in pixels and click Save.

The output when thumbnails have 3 rows and 3 columns is posted below:

The same video in 2 rows and 2 column has less number of thumbnails but the total size is same as above – so, the thumbs are bigger in this scree


The output thumbnails will feature details

Credits: This tutorial is prepared for xnepali forum members. The video used in the tutorial is the trailer of a Nepali movie ‘The Betrayal’, sent by one of the crew of the movie.