Aanchal Sharma turned 21

Actress Aanchal Sharma Dawadi has turned 21 years old on March 19, 2018. The actress who had debuted in the Nepali film industry in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ is one of the most popular actress of current time.

About Aanchal Sharma

Aanchal’s real name is Aanchal Dawadi. She had used Sharma as she liked the surname better than her real surname. Aanchal was born on Chaitra 5, 2054 BS to father Uttam Dawadi and mother Mira Dawadi.

Currently Aanchal in the third year of her bachelor’s degree. Before starting acting, she had worked as a model. The first movie of Aanchal, ‘Nai Nabhannu La 4’ was superhit. The actor opposite to her in the movie, Paul Shah, has also been one of the closest person in her life. They were featured together in their next movie ‘Johney Gentleman’. But the second movie wasn’t as successful as the first one.

Now, they are featured together in their upcoming movie ‘Shatru Gate’. After the movie, ‘Black’ will be the next release of Aanchal.

To celebrate her birthday Aanchal went to a elderly home at Kusunti. She celebrated her birthday with the elderly people at ‘Nepal Shnehy Kaakh’. About her future, Aanchal says that she wants to do some female oriented movies. She wants to address female problems and help other female to fight injustice.

Aanchal says that her character in her third movie is quite different from the ones she was featured in her previous movies. In the movie is is featured as a modern girl who frequents clubs and drinks. In real life, she says, she is quite different from the character she is featured in the movie.

About her relationship with Paul, she has always denied the close relationship. But, she shows respect and appreciates Paul’s help in every aspects of her life. Although they haven’t given it a name, it sounds nothing less than a love relationship.

I wish Aanchal a very happy birthday and wish her success in the new year.

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