Surprise – Priyanka and Paramita together with Ayushman in Changa Chait

It is a surprising announcement by the director Dipendra K Khanal. Ayushman’s ex girl friend and current girlfriend are going to be featured with him in an upcoming movie of the director. The movie titled ‘Changa Chait’ will feature these three in leading roles. In addition to these leading characters, well known actress Reecha Sharma and Sandhya KC will also be featured in the movie.

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The relationship between Priyanka, Paramita and Ayushman

Paramita and Ayushman had been lovers for a long time – for more than 3 years. Their love affair was considered to be one of the most stable affairs and one of the most lovely couple until they broke up. Being a popular couple, they were featured together in their debut movie ‘Chapali Height 2’. But, the film wasn’t as successful as expected. The failure of the movie and the news of the break up came at around the same time.

The news of ‘Changa Chait’ came out at around the anniversary of their breakup. (I wrote about their breakup on March 20, 2017)

About Dipendra K Khanal

Dipendra was the director who introduced Ayushman and Paramita in ‘Chapali Height 2’. He is known for directing different but successful films in the Nepali film industry. One of the most successful movie of the 2010s ‘Chapali Height’ was mostly set between the three leading actors. The movies ‘Pashupati Prasad’ and ‘Talakjung VS Tulke’ are also different from the main-stream films. Apart from the hype of Priyanka, Paramita and Ayushman, upcoming movie ‘Changa Chait’ will certainly get credibility boost because of the director.

Watch the movie ‘Chapali Height 2’ here.

About ‘Changa Chait’

The movie is going to be made on the story and script of Pradeep Bhardwoj. The music is being composed by Arjun Pokharel and Rajan Raj Siwakoti. The shooting will mostly be done in Janakpur, Pokhara and Kathmandu. The cinematographer will be Niraj Kandel.

In addition to Ayushman, Priyanka and Paramita RL Rana, the movie will also feature Rabindra Jha, Sandeep Chhetri, Richa Sharma, Sandhya KC and others. The comedy movie is being produced by Madhav Wagle.

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