Rekha Thapa in photo journalist’s calendar – doesn’t make sense

The professional photographers have chosen a non-professional – actress Rekha Thapa to feature in their yearly calendar. Being an actress, she had done her best to act like a photographer, but she has failed in a few shots and the professional photographers didn’t care to correct the poses.  I haven’t got hold of the calendar myself but, from the photos shared by my Facebook friends I can see some of the problems of the calendar.

I have a few questions to the publishers of the calendar:

  • Why a new calendar after 1/4th of the year is finished?
  • Why is Rekha Thapa featured in every page of calendar?

First, the calendar is made for the year 2070 BS. We are currently running on the fourth month of the year – almost through a quarter of the year. Nobody needs a calendar of this year at this time of the year. Whoever needs one might already have it in their walls. Unveiling a stale calendar defeats the sole purpose of the calendar.

rekha thapa in photo journalist calendar (2)

I have seen calendars that feature a product in every page are either sponsored or produced by the product owners. In this calendar it would have made sense if Rekha Thapa were either the sponsor of the calendar or the owner of the calendar. As she is none, it doesn’t make sense to feature her in every page of the calendar. They could have used 12 different actresses or 12 different photographer journalists or just the best press photos in the calendar.

A non-photographer (like myself) can tell that nobody can take a good photo by holding the camera like that and facing the other direction:

No photographer holds camera so far that you can see the eye like the one seen in the following photo:

I hope the publishers of the calendar, NFPJ, have satisfactory answer to my question. (I will update this post later if I get answers from them).

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