Actress Sweta Bhattarai to retire ?

In a latest report, actress Sweta Bhattari has told to pause her acting. She is planning to focus more in her study than acting. At the time when a lot of movie goers are yet to know her as an actress, it seem too early to announce such a move.


Sweta started as a model had stepped into the glamorous world while doing her bachelor’s degree in business (BBS). Now, after the completion of a few movies, she has decided that studying is more important than acting and has decided to complete her studies before she could fully focus in acting.

Sweta had started as an actress by acting in a television advertisement. Others notice her in the advertisement and offered her a few music videos. She did ‘Rhythm’, ‘Producer’ and other movies- some of which were successful and some others are yet to release in theater.

According to Sweta, unless she could find really good and difficult to refuse offer, she won’t be signing-up any new movies. We hope, it is not just an advertisement of herself.

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