After Priyanka Karki stole her boyfriend, Paramita RL Rana is much active in singing and modeling

The actress of ‘Chapali Height 2’ and the ex-girlfriend of the actor Ayushman Desraj Shrestha – Paramita RL Rana has been quite active after the breakup. Rana is preparing to release two music albums in near future. In the weekend Paramita had also performed in a program held in Kathmandu.

At Karma Lounge, Tripuresowr Paramita had performed four of the songs from her upcoming albums. In her performance two rappers – Nasty and Vision had also supported her. Paramita has also written some of the songs in association with Nasty.

Paramita is planning to release two albums in August. The albums are titled ‘Royal’ and ‘Young King.

Talking to an online magazine, Nepalkhabar, Paramita had told that she is planning to create a different genre of music, called EDM. EDM is a fusion of electronic music. Paramita performed the EDM music among her friends and fans with a couple of rappers.

Who is Paramita Rana ?

Paramita is a well known model who debuted as an actress with her ex-boyfriend in ‘Chapali Height 2’. The sequel of super hit movie ‘Chapali Height’ wasn’t as successful as expected. After the movie, she broke up with her boyfriend and the co-actor of the debut movie, Ayushman.

Now, Priyanka Karki and Ayushman are the new love-birds in the Nepali film industry. In latest interviews, Priyanka and Ayushman have also talked about possible marriage.

Paramita is a daughter of well known model of her time, Riya Rana. That is not all – Pramita’s grandmother, Shilapuspa Rana, was also a celebrity of her time. Her grand mother was the first generation female golfer of Nepal. Her mother, Riya Rana was also the first generation super model of Nepal. Paramita has inherited the talent and has also worked hard to establish herself as one of the top models.

One of the recent modelling assignment Paramita did was in the start of May – Asian Designer Week 2017 held in New Delhi, India. In the international fashion show, Prarmita was the show stopper.

Paramita is an arts student at Lalitkala Campus.

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