Is Miss Nepal an Indian? Nikita Chandak Biography

A professional model, Nikita Chandak, was crowned Miss Nepal 2017 in an event held on June 2 2017. There had been some online rumours that “Nikita doesn’t look like Nepali” or “she is an Indian.” But in reality, she is a hundred percent Nepali. Even before the finale, I thought she was the most suitable candidate to be crowned Miss Nepal. That was the reason I prepared her biography and told she was “deserving candidate.”

Video update:

Why did I think Nikita Chandak was the most suitable candidate to be crowned Miss Nepal?

On analyzing the 19 contestants, I had guessed either Nikita Chandak or Niti Shah to be crowned Miss Nepal. That was why I prepared the biography videos of those two contestants. My guess was right, Nikita was crowned and Niti was crowned the Miss Nepal International.

My guess was not a mere guess – it was a “calculated guess”. I had evaluated their background and their personality and the strength of their desire to become Miss Nepal. A few days before the contest, Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha, had expressed that Nikita Chandak stood out in a fashion show held in Kathmandu. When I looked at her background and personality, she seem to give off the confidence and the personality a Miss Nepal needs.

Watch the introduction video of Nikita Chandak (I prepared it before she was crowned!)

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After Priyanka Karki stole her boyfriend, Paramita RL Rana is much active in singing and modeling

The actress of ‘Chapali Height 2’ and the ex-girlfriend of the actor Ayushman Desraj Shrestha – Paramita RL Rana has been quite active after the breakup. Rana is preparing to release two music albums in near future. In the weekend Paramita had also performed in a program held in Kathmandu.

At Karma Lounge, Tripuresowr Paramita had performed four of the songs from her upcoming albums. In her performance two rappers – Nasty and Vision had also supported her. Paramita has also written some of the songs in association with Nasty.

Paramita is planning to release two albums in August. The albums are titled ‘Royal’ and ‘Young King.
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