Aryan Sigdel and Anita Acharya to be featured in Alvida

After the completion of the shooting of ‘Naike’ Aryan Sigdel is starting another movie named ‘Alvida’. The movie produced by Aryan’s close friend Hasan Khan will feature Aryan, Hansan himself and actress Anita Acharya in main roles. In addition to being the producer and actor, Hasan has also written the story of the movie. Anita Acharya was skeptical of doing the movie until she read the story and liked it.

albida film announcement aryan sigdel hasan khan and anita

The movie to be directed by Laxman Rijal deals with a story of people of different religions. The movie features the music of Taraprakash Limbu, action of Astha Majarjan, and editing of Bipin Malla.

‘Alvida’ is scheduled to go on floor on the second week of the Nepali New Year (beginning of May).

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