ATM to see the daylight on Nov 23

After a big debate on the controversial content in the movie and censorship in most of the content, the reshot and remade ‘ATM‘ is ready to be released in theaters on Mangsir 8 (November 23, 2012).


Dinesh Thapa’s movie ‘ATM’ is produced under D. Films banner and is directed by Yadav Silwal. Dinesh Thapa, Jiya KC, Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma in main roles.

The movie was re-shot when the censor board told them to remove more than 17 percent of the content for being overly sexual. The actress Jiya KC, Sabina and Sonia were talked about their boldness in dialogue and movie scenes released as photos and trailer video. After protest from the public, Dinesh Thapa had to release a press statement to clarify their position.

ATM movie posters:

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