Beware Facebook Users – Nepal Government not happy about Facebook Wall photos

Update: The news turned out to be a fake one. Somebody created a fake press release and had based the news in it. Posted below is the so-called press-release. (It is strange how can a person consider such a crude photo authentic.)

The Home Ministry of Nepal Government has asked Facebook users not to post fake pictures of Nepali ministers in Facebook Wall. According to the government will identify the people who post the photos and will punish if they don’t remove the photos.

all_peeThe Government has given the Facebook users a time frame, of 5days, to remove such fake pictures from their Facebook account. The government will punish the users if they don’t comply with the Government directives.

Well, I never knew it was against the law to post a fake picture in Facebook of any other sites. They might know who posted the picture but does it mean you can’t make fun of things they can’t do right?

Posted below are some of the fake photos I came across… (the Government might be looking for me…) I would rather remove the ministers than the pictures, if given the choice :).

6 thoughts on “Beware Facebook Users – Nepal Government not happy about Facebook Wall photos

  1. cartun le byaktitwa athawa kasaiko pahichan,byabahar,tal ko rup dharan garchha,or yesle kunai pani byakti wa samuha ko asal ra kharab kam ko chhanak dinchha ,naitikwan byekti le sadhhai yesko samman garchha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yo mathi ko letter nai fake jasto lagyo malai ta. look closely at stamps and fonts. tara pani if something comes up, these shit head clowns aint gonna be able to do anything.

  3. ha ha ha Bhimey what a joke, tailey punish garney rey. Yo atti kamjor sarkaar ley kehi pani garnu sakdeina. khali kurchi bachaunu ko dhun ma matrai cha yo haruwaa sarkar

  4. जनताको भावनासंग खेलबाड गर्दा तलाई केही वास्ता छैन |अब फेसबुक को पछी लागिस …. भीमे !

  5. It is very bad to post other people photo on face book or any web site. if they like to make they can make their own.

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