Karishma Manandhar anger towards her husband in Facebook

These days, the social network has become the place to vent your frustration and problems. It is another story that it almost always has a negative effect to the person. It is usually the start of a bigger problem to deal with those who try to piss you more. That is what I saw no the latest Karishma Manandhar status in Facebook. She has told about her husband being unhelpful in getting her voters’ card. She accused Binod Manandhar of being self-centered.

Video report:

What had happened to Karishma?

In 2013, during the election of the 2nd Constitution Assembly, Karishma had told that she went to the election commission to get her voters’ card. But, what she didn’t tell at that time was that, she didn’t get the card because she was registered to vote in Rajbiraj.

See the 2013 status:
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Sushmita KC TV program producer threat, Ma Ta Timrai Hoon controversy (Update)

This is video report update on the post I made a while ago. Watch the following video for the details of the case. The threat might be directed to Prakash Subedi as he is the producer of the TV program. (I have also added the video of the program in question – 35th episode of Rajatpat, at the end of this post.)

The original post continues:

In a Facebook post, actress and the producer or recent release movie, Sushmta KC has threatened a filmy-program in TV, Rajatpat. She had expressed her dissatisfaction about the report about her movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’ aired in the program. In the report aired in the TV show, her debut production movie was a failure and it didn’t do good business.

In response, Sushmita had turned very aggressive towards the Kantipur TV program. Sushmita had registered Anmol Creation banner, a name after her son Anmol KC, to produce the movie. Although a star actor himself, Anmol wasn’t featured in the movie. The movie had featured new actors with Sushmita herself. The TV report stated that the movie was a flop. But, Sushmita claims that it had done satisfactory business. Attached below is a screeshot of the post by Sushmita.
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I don’t have a degree but I love my country, Karishma Manandhar responds

Actress Karishma Manahdar has written a long statement in response to the backlash she was receiving after numerous mistakes she did during the inaguration of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai’s new party, Naya Shakti Nepal. In the Facebook post, Karishma had mocked the so-called educated people who only complain about others and don’t do anything for the country. She had challenged them that she will win election and do good for the country and they should start preparing for the criticism for that future. The following video report has the full statement (in Nepali), a rough translation follows:

A rough translation of Karishma’s statement (written originally in Nepali):

I feel like writing something. There are a lot of scholars here. Those scholars become active when somebody makes a mistake or when they identify somebody else’s mistake. Naya Shakti Nepal inauguration program was the target of everybody to find the mistakes. I did some mistakes in the program. There might be a lot of other shortcomings in me, there might be a lot of things I might not know…

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Priyanka Karki superhit controversy, Bhalu Nabhannu La

Social network is a crowd of people. If you expect something from them, you are bound to be disappointed. The latest proof of that fact is the recent open letter of Nepali actress Priyanka Karki. Priyanka Karki has expressed her dissatisfaction on the comments she received in her social media pages.

Priyanka wrote, “Whenever I upload new picture, share new music videos or movie songs songs, why do you guys abuse me so much?” She tells, the people react as if she has hurt them or personally offended them. She also told that she feels offended by the the people when they call her whore or prostitute. Full detail of the letter is given in the following video:

Did Priyanka Karki write the letter to create controversy?

I think so. Priyanka is a smart actress, way better than the ones who cry foul in social media! Here are my reasons:

Priyanka knows Social Media

Priyanka is one of the most social-network active actress in Nepali film industry. No other actress in Nepali film industry has explored the social media as Priyanka Karki. She had organized social meet-up in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She has extensively discussed with her followers in the past. She knows, people can get away with telling anything in social media because of it’s anonymous.

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Nisha Adhikari speaks up, returning Nepal on September end

When Nisha Adhikari left Nepal suddenly and reached USA in in mid-June, rumors and speculation of her break-up with cricketer Sharad Veshwakar were made. When print media also published report of break-ups, both Sharad and Nisha had made fun of them over the issue. While in the US, Nisha shaved her head and shared her bald photos in Facebook and Instagram.

nisha adhikari in usa

Today, in a Facebook status update, Nisha has listed the answers to the questions raised by her well-wishers. Her answers:

  • Nisha says that she is returning back to Nepal at the end of September.
  • She is scheduled to shot the songs of ‘Lootera’ and will be involved in the promotion of the movie. She also says that she is planning to do two more movies soon.
  • Nisha has to finish some work of ‘How Funny’
  • Nisha clarified that Nisha is not planning to stay in the USA permanently. It was only a vacation tour to live with her brother.

Nisha further clarified that an artist doesn’t need to break up to go to a foreign country.

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Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Veshwkar breakup?

In a latest report, the actress Nisha Adhikari and her cricketer boyfriend have broken up. The rumor as surfaced as Nisha suddenly headed to the USA for a vacation on Saturday. Her travel was revealed when Nisha shared a status on her transit in Abu Dhabi. (read about to rumor in Nepaliactress.com)

In the Facebook status, Nisha has avoided the questions about the breakup rumors although she has replied to other queries. Her silence, sort-of, confirms the problem in the relationship.

As a lot of Nepali actors have relocated to the USA in the past, question arises if Nisha has a long term plan of living there. Her filmy career in Nepal hasn’t been that much exciting as she has failed give any commercially successful movie, so far.

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Priyanka Karki lost passport and misses her Australia program

Actress Priyanka Karki was scheduled to participate in Mr. and Miss Nepal Australia but, she couldn’t go there when she lost her bag with her passport in it in Malaysia. Priyanka Karki was invited as the chief guest in the beauty contest. Priyanka’s plan was to fly to Australia from Malaysia.

In another report, Priyanka has told that she missed the flight to Australia because of the accident of the Malaysian airlines over Ukraine. The Malaysia Airline civilian Flight MH 17 met with a crash on July 17. She had told that she received a temporary passport at the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia after she lost the original.

The contest in Australia selected Aarzoo Karki the Miss Nepal Australia 2014 and Anupam Kiran the Mr Nepal Australia 2014 on July 19.

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Namrata Shrestha connects to her fans in Facebook and Twitter

In an interview with the Annapurna Post reporter actress Namrata Shrestha has told that she had been connecting to her fans through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. She told, her fans are of positive attitude and they are the only reason she is still active in the field. In the olden days, it wasn’t that easy. Celebrities meet their fans in person, took some photographs and offer autographs – that was all. They didn’t have a two way communication.

Namrata admitted, she gets a lot of proposals from her fans. Some even want to marry her and have kids. Others just want to be friends. But, she takes such proposals positively and says ‘thank you’ to them.

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Manju Mahat, a Facebook group exclusive xnepali featured article on the late singer

We have created a Facebook group for fans of Nepali movies. In the group, we are planning to publish exclusive featured articles and covers.

The first such featured article is published on the late actress Manju Mahat. The article is available only to members of the Facebook community.

The article is available for download in our Facebook Group only. The Facebook Group is a closed group and there are only 140 members and any new members need to be approved by admins.

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Nepali Movie – Facebook

Nepali Movie – Facebook
StarringJharana Thapa, Wilson Bikram Rai, ,Sotantra Pratab Rana, Sunil Thapa, Subash Thapa etc.
DirectorSuraj Subba ‘Nalbo’

The movie ‘Facebook’ is Jharana Thapa and her husband Sunil Kumar Thapa’s home production movie, presented by Jharana Thapa.

We had reviewed the movie – read the review of ‘Facebook’. To know about the technical details of the movie, a pre-release review of ‘Facebook’ was also posted.

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Police investigating Miss Press Princess Samriddhi Rai’s Facebook hacker

Nepali beauty Samriddhi Rai was awarded Miss Press Princess in the Miss Tourism Queen Asia contest held in China. At the time she was preparing for the big day, her Facebook account was hacked. As if, that wasn’t enough, a Facebook page was also created to spread hate messages during the time.

After she returned back winning the Miss Press Princess title, she found that the hacker was one among her friend’s circle. In a Facebook message Samriddhi said that she captured the laptop from where all the updates were being done. The after finding out the truth there was a clash between Samriddhi’s friends and the hackers. Samriddhi told that one of her friend was physically attacked and she was verbally attacked. When things were out of her control she had called the police to help in the issue.

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Actress Binita Baral’s Superhit promotion

It’s is unknown if her upcoming movie will be a suprehit, her promotion in the social media is on it’s way to becoming a superhit. The ‘Superhit’ actress Binita Baral has used all she could think of in utilizing the social media to promote the movie. The dating deal and these types of photos will certainly help in creating the buzz about the upcoming movie.

In latest photo shots Binita has greeted her fans with ‘Superhit’ written in parts of her body including her hands and neck. And, Binita looks awesome in these photos. It is reported that Binita will receive 10% of the profit made by the movie.

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Namrata Shrestha and Prem Ghale the love-birds in the town

Actress Namrata Shrestha had been seeing Prem Ghale for some time and now she has updated her relationship status in her Facebook profile reflecting their close relationship. This news however is not new. The affair about the two started in late 2010 and were seen for the first time together in the premier of the movie ‘Acharya’. After that, the couple are usually seen together and Namrata has also been posting their photos in her Facebook profile.

This year, on Valentine day, Namrata posted their photo in Facebook, confirming the intimate relationship.

It seems, the relationship has been pretty stable for a couple of years and it might be the life-long relationship.

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Facebook – Movie Review

The movie produced by actress Jharana Thapa, ‘Facebook’ was released all over Nepal on Firday, September 7. The director, Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ has also written the suspense thriller movie.The movie related to the social networking site Facebook features Jharana Thapa, Swatantra Pratap Shah, , Sunil Thapa, and Subash Thapa in lead roles.

Facebook is a story of a girl named Sanskriti (Jharana Thapa) who falls in love with Yodin (Swatantra Pratap). Yodin, a rich NRI living in Singapore, knew Sanskriti in the social networking site, Facebook. After an online affair, Yodin flew back to Nepal to marry Sanskriti. In Nepal, Yodin’s uncle Harish (Sunil Thapa) sends them to a theatre to watch movie where Yodin was kidnaped by a gang. The police thought Harish was behind the kidnapping of Yodin. I don’t want to ruin your movie watching experience by divulging the secret.
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Nepali Movie – Facebook (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Facebook’ is releasing on  September 7, 2012. The movie directed by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ features Jharana Thapa, Swatantra Pratap Shah, Wilson Bikram Rai, , and Sunil Thapa in leading roles.

The movie features the , cinematography of Sanjaya Lama, fight direction of Roshan Shrestha, music direction of Sunil Bardewa, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, editing of Banish Shah, and the story, direction, script and dialogue of Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’.

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