Binita Baral requests to get polio vaccine to children on polio vaccination day (video)

Nepal Government’s polio vaccination campaign is going on in 68 districts all over Nepal. The oral vaccine given to children 5-years-old and younger will help children from getting polio. Nepal is yet to eradicate the disease and it is closer to it’s target.

To help the government in polio eradication, actress Binita Baral has created a video to convey the importance of vaccination. She has asked everybody to take eligible kids to vaccine clinics.

The video:

Childhood immunization is one of the most cost effective tool to combat Polio. According to WHO six polio cases were reported in 2010. After that, no polio cases have been reported. We still need to create awareness on the importance of vaccination and be the first South-Eastern country to achieve the feat.

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