Priyanka Karki to focus more on promotion

Actress Priyanka Karki has got a new insight of the Nepali film industry. Now she has realized that good acting alone can’t help in the success of the movie. The actress who has returned back from the USA to make it big in the Nepali film industry, has yet to offer a hit movie.

A graduate in film making from the University of Alabama, there is no doubt she is one of the best actress in the industry. Priyanka is also lucky in terms of looks, height and figure. None of these facts however have helped Priyanka in becoming a successful actress. After careful evaluation, it seems Priyanka has realized that the promotion is one of the most important part of the success of a movie.

Priyanka debuted in ‘Mero Best Friend’. She had high hopes from ‘3 Lovers’, ‘Kollywood‘ and ‘Vigilante’ but all three movies flopped. Now, she has four movies in the pipeline. Now she says that she will give all of her energy in the promotion of the movies so that they could determine her future in the industry.

Nobody can deny that promotion play a huge role in the success of a movie. But, promotion alone or the acting of one artist don’t determine the success of the movie. The direction, music, script, story, editing and everything should be convincing enough for the people to like a movie.

Priyanka is a good actress and we hope, she could give more than a few hit movies. Upcoming movies of Priyanka include – ‘Jhole’, ‘Suntali’, ‘Nai Na Bannu La 2’, and ‘Abaran’.

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