Bollywood Actor Jitendra arrives in Nepal

A lot of Bollywood artists have been visiting Nepali these days. A few days after the visit of Aamir Khan another Bollywood actor Jitendra had arrived in Kathmandu. The purpose of Aamir’s and Jitendra’s visits are however a lot different. While Aamir was in Nepal for social work, Jitendra has arrived as a tourist.

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jitendra arrives in Kathmandu

Jitendra has arrived in Nepal with his wife Shova Kapoor. Shova and Jitendra had visited Nepal last time in their honeymoon. Although it’s the second  visit of Shova, it is fourth visit of Jitendra after his first on in 1974.

Jitendra debuted in Bollywood in ‘Navarag’ and was featured in leading role in the 1964 movie ‘Geet Gaya Patharone’. The 1967 film ‘Farz’ had established Jitendra as a good actor in Bollywood.

Originally named Rabi Kapoor, Jitendra was born in 1942. He has acted in leading role in 93 movies and has acted in more than 300 movies with other lead actors.

Jitendra’s 1984 movie ‘Maksad’ had set a record of being the movie earning highest Box Office collection. He used to be the highest paid actor in 1980s. Jitendra is known as being the least controversial actor in Bollywood. His daughter Ekta Kapoor and son Tusar Kapoor both have established themselves as actors in Bollywood.

Photo credit – Suresh Darpan Pokharel

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