Chapali Height – a pre release review

Note: We have started a new pre-release review section. We will do post-review or a real review of the movie after the movie is released. This is a collection of details available before release. 

Chapali Height

Upcoming Nepali movie Chapali Height is produced by Arjun Kumar and directed by Dipendra K Khanal. The movie is targeted to all those Nepali who are fond of watching interesting movie but especially targeted to the audience who prefer to go to multiplexes and city dwellers. It is made in digital format.


The director, Khanal, told that the movie has got a new kind of story for Nepali film industry. He considers the story an experiment in itself and is a light thriller. The story of the movie is woven in a single location and it revolves around the only three characters featured in the movie. He adds, the movie doesn’t have any commercial and masala type of items and is made on a simple story of three youths, showing how they brought problems in their life.

According to the director, movie’s main content is sex and that was the reason it gained a wide media coverage. Although the movie’s story is based on sex, the director told that it doesn’t contain vulgarly.

Technical details:

  • Actors: Binita Baral (Bineeta Baral), Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire
  • Producer: Arjun Kumar
  • Director: Dipendra K Khanal
  • Music: Arjun Kumar
  • Cinematography: Niraj Kandel
  • Action: Surya Thokar

Marketing Details:

The movie doesn’t’ have a website but it has a Facebook profile. Viewers can discuss and communicate with the filmmakers through the Facebook page.

The posters of the movie feature all three characters – without wearing any clothes. Nepal police wasn’t happy with the design of the poster and asked them to remove from public places. In response the producers have redesigned the poster with photoshoped clothes on the actors. The posters were accused to be an exact copy of the posters of an English movie, Basic Instinct.

A video trailer of the movie is also released in YouTube (attached below).


4 thoughts on “Chapali Height – a pre release review

  1. i am us citizen an i like nepali movie industris.cant u please not spoil the prestige of nepali girls n movies industries.this is really not good remember our sister sita vrikuti they hadnt published their name by showing a naked body show .i am really the fan of nepali movie ,please dont copy from hollywood .do good .still u may take an about 500 years to meet the caution of our hollywood movies

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