Chapali Height – height of controversy

The movie Chapali Height has been as controversial as the lead actress of the movie, Binita Baral. The movie is going to be released next week and we can expect to read more about the movie and it’s lead actress.


Let’s point out some of the facts of the movie:

  • Before signing this movie, it’s lead actress Binita Baral was removed from a movie named "Ke ma timro saathi banna sakchhu". That was after she had already signed the agreement papers. She made a big fuss about the issue and even threatened of suicide.
  • When a photo meant to be made into the poster was published in magazine covers, she cried foul. She even organized press conference to release her photos showing she had covered her chest by a piece of cloth.
  • After the press meet, the producers of the movie claimed that they had destroyed 10,000 posters of Chapali Height  featuring Binita.
  • The producers told that Binita will not be featured in any promotional materials of the movie.
  • There was also a rumor that Binita won’t be allowed to do dubbing of the movie.
  • When the poster of Chapali Height was released it was an exact copy of the poster of English movie Basic Instinct. Even the style by which the movie name was printed was similar.
  • With all these controversies Binita should have felt pretty insecured. She went to an astrologer who suggested her to change her name to make it 7 character long. Hence, the new Binita is "Beenita Baral".
  • The censor board has decided to cut a part of bed scene and has given the movie an "A" certificate.
  • The police decided the poster of the movie was not suitable to be posted in public places. When they started removing the posters, the producers decided to redesign the new posters. In the new poster all of the featured actors are shown wearing clothes.

We are not sure if the name change game of Binita Baral is working or not. A little bit of controversy does help in publicity of a movie. But, a little more can backfire and harm.

We still believe Chapali Height’s negative publicity hasn’t reached the threshold and it is helping positively in its promotion.

Yes, our wish of "Good luck for the success of Chapali Height" won’t be wasted for sure!

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