Chapali Height – copy paste poster again!

The poster of Chapali Height released yesterday are copied from an Michael Douglas’s English movie Basic Instinct. It’s not only the poster, the name also has a similar design.

It’s not only the poster, the name of the movie is also inspired by the movie.

With these similarities, it’s anybody’s guess what the story should be like!

If you think this might be a coincidence, another poster is also the copy of Basic Instinct 2. The actress Binita Baral has posed in exactly similar manner as that by Sharon Stone in the Basic Instinct 2 poster.

I guess, I should watch Basic Instinct and start writing the review of Chapali Height!

Copying story, scenes, dialogues used to be common in Nepali movies. Now, Nepali movie makers have started copying even the posters. I guess, it would be better if they could purchase the Nepali language rights of these movies and start dubbing in Nepali instead of reshooting those movies. That is not all, even the newspapers like Republica have started copying advertisements from foreign websites.

In the past we had posted about other copy-paste posters of movies like Premika, Ghamanda, Hifajat, K Yo Maya Ho, Tridev etc. 

While some are busy copying everything they can copy from foreign movies and complaining Nepali viewers don’t watch movies or blame the Nepali viewers for the movies not doing good movies, original movies like ‘Loot’ have shown that there are viewers who do respect the originality.