Deepak and Deepa to start a Movie Hall, to be ready by Nepali new year

Deepa Shree Niraula had proposed her partner Deepak Raj Giri to start a film hall. Deepak was not confident on starting a film hall at that time. By the time they started producing movies like ‘Chha Ekan Chha’, the first super hit film of the team, they had wanted a film hall of their own. The ‘Chhakka Panja’ team decided to pursue funding options.

After a lengthy discussion and searching, they found a building in Baneshowr, Sankhamul Road. They did an agreement with the owner of the property and decided to invest 9 crore to start a multiples film hall.

Actually the corona lockdown provided the time to think and make decision on investing more in the film industry. In the meantime, a lot of film halls closed down. That was an opportunity to grab for the Deepak-Deepa duo.

Although they have publicly revealed their film hall venture now, the procedure had started more than a half years ago. The construction of the multiplex had started 6 months ago and the equipment are being imported. The plan is to complete the multiplex by the new year of 2079.

What do you think of the timing of investing in movie theater at the time of corona? Is is a good financial decision? Please comment.

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