RIP ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ Cinematographer Bhim Rana

62-years-old cinematographer, Bhim Rana, has died of COVID-19. According to report, Bhim Rana has died while being treated for pneumonia after being COVID-19 positive on August 17, 2021.

Rana was confirmed corona positive on Shrawan 16. He was admitted to Kirtipur Ayurvedic Hospital for treatment. When his condition worsened in the hospital he was transferred to APF Hospital in Balambu. According to report, all of his family members are now COVID-19 positive.

Bhim Rana had worked as the cameraman in movies like Maili and Jeevan Jyoti. He had also worked in the Film Development Board. According to report in Deshsanchar online, Rana’s son living in the USA is returning home after the incident. The last rituals is being planned for August 18.

Rest in peace Bhim Rana!

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