Dhirendra Shah every Friday, why?

It has almost two months I have been talking about the ex-prince of Nepal, Dhirendra Shah. I started by talking about why he was the most unlucky prince in the Nepali Royal family. When I started making the video, I had no idea about Dhirendra. Except for a few rumours about his involvement in Namita – Sumita kanda and a little hint of his involvement in smuggling. When I heard about such rumours, all I knew was he was one of the family members of the Nepali royalty.

Why Dhirendra?

I was studying about the Royal Massacre of 2001 to write a book about the incident. Then I found out there were a lot of books on the subject. The book is still half-way and I am planning to complete the book next year. During the study I came across an article in ‘Himal’ magazine. The following photo (and, its caption) created a pity on Dhirendra.

This photo has every Royal family members except for Dhirendra. The prince was left alone in foreign land because of his affair with a foreigner. I decided to do a little research on the person. He seem like a really interesting guy – probably a very unhappy prince. Then, I decided, I would do a series on him.

But, the challenge was huge:

Most unlikely candidate

If you want to make a series of videos, Dhirendra is one of the most unlikely candidate one would choose. To make a series you would need at lease the following data:

  • A lot of information to talk about
  • Previous knowledge on the topic
  • Audience

There were none in this case. Here are the explanation to the three points:

  • There is very little information about him in media – During his time, Nepali media was not allowed to talk about any royal family members. Negative news was an absolute NO. They could talk about positive things about royal family members. But, as there was very little positive aspect of Dhirendra, nobody wrote about him.
  • I was absolutely clueless – I have been talking about films for more than a decade and I had no information about the royal family members.
  • People didn’t care, he wasn’t a prince – And he was also stripped off of his ‘Prince’ title in late 1980s. After that, he left the country and started living in the UK with his British wife. So, I din’t expect people want to know about him.

At that time, a case emerged about Dhirendra’s so-called daughter Shreya Shah. Shreya was trying to get the Nepali citizenship but wasn’t allowed to get the document under Dhirendra’s name. According to the documents presented by Shreya, she sure is the daughter of Dhirendra. Shreya’s mother, Jaya Pandey Shah claims that she has married Dhirendra in Dakshinkali. But, according to the nature of Dhirendra, there is no reason why he would marry Jaya.  Even if he were having affair with her, he was having affair with a lot of other girls. Even if she were pregnant, he was so powerful that, nobody could force him to marry her.

Even if Dhirendra agree to marry Jaya, the queen, Aishwarya would never let him. That was because Aishwarya was the sister of Dhirendra’s official wife Prechhya. I thought about that and decided to make a video report on how Jaya might not have been his wife after all. But, when I started searching up I found a lot of things that I can talk about. Hence, I decided to do a video report every Friday.

Part 1 – The first tragedy, the birth

The first report was about Dhirendra’s birth. That was the start of tragedy in Dhirendra’s life. His mother died because of the complications caused during is birth. That was the saddest beginning of one’s life. Here is the first part:

Part 2 – Affair with Komal Oli

That was only a rumour. People talked about that and nobody wrote about that. I was wondering if I should talk about a rumour. I posted a question in a discussion board and also asked in my Twitter account. Komal Oli wrote an article to answer my question. (I doubt Komal had seen my question before she wrote the article. Whatever might be the case, the timing was perfect to create my second video.)

This is the most popular video in the series with almost 200K views, so far.

Part 3 – Kanya College and Goggles rumour

I decided to talk about a rumour in the third video. Before I decided on doing that, I confirmed that others have also heard about the rumours. I also found an article written about the rumour. With these additional data from others – I created an “authentic rumour“. Yes, the rumours are fact-based. People have liked it and have appreciated my effort. The video is in the path to cross 100K threshold.

Part 4 – Queen and Dhirendra

Then I talked a little about what had happened between the queen Aishwarya and Dhirendra. How she arrested Dhirendra’s aides and how he was stripped off his title.

Part 5 – Paras, Dhirendra and Basundhara, why are they wild?

I saw that at least one prince in each generation were wild in the Nepali royal family. I did analyze the trend and tried to find out the link between them. I analyzed the constitution during the royal regime and discussed why the royal family members were enjoying immense power and how it was being misused.

I thought this video should be the most popular video in the series. But, the result is an exact opposite. For some strange reason, this is the least popular videos in the series. I still hope it will gain popularity in coming days. Watch the video and tell me what might be the problem:

Part 6 – Dhirendra daughter Sitashma Shah

Today I talked about one of the daughters of Dhirendra. This is the only daughter I could gather some information. I have no information about his other daughters. I hope to find more information in coming days.

For now, please enjoy the video and cross your finger that I be able to find similar information about his other daughters Pooja, Dilasha and the UK daughter (I don’t know her name yet).

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