Did Jung Bahadur Rana invent the word ‘Tip’ to offer gratitude?

In a 2009 article published in Nepali Times Weekly, a writer Subodh Rana wrote about how Jung Bahadur Rana used “Tip” a Nepali word by throwing gold coins to an opera singer in UK in his Britain visit of 1850 AD.

I did a video report on the article.

There is skepticism that the incident actually happened. But, it is a fun story so I have done the video report.

Here is start of the original article:

I am also reading JBR, Purushottam Shamsher (1990). Shree Teen Haruko Tathya Britanta, a book on the Rana rulers and interesting facts about them.

Next video will be about Charbujra Durbar

I am also reading about Charburja Durbar, the palace built by Jung Bahadur Rana for Rani Jind Kaur – the youngest Queen of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Sikh Empire.

After the defat in the Anglo-Sikh war and capture, Rani Jind Kaur had escaped British imprisonment from the Chunar Fort, disguised as a servant. She travelled 800 miles of forest and reached Kathmandu on 29 April 1849.
In Nepal, she sought asylum, The King of Nepal and Jung Bahadur Rana offered asylum with full dignity as a Queen consort of Maharaja Ranjit Singh despite of the displeasure of the British resident in Kathmandu.

For the queen, a New palace was built within Thapathali durbar complex. The palace had four Burg and thus was named Charburja Durbar (literally translates as a palace with Four Burgs). She lived in the Charburja Durbar throughout her stay in Nepal for about 11 years. When she left Kathmandu to go to England, she gave the palace as alms to a Brahmin priest.

As the palace was strategically located within the Thapathali Durbar complex, Jung Bahadur wouldn’t let anybody else take it away from him. So, he bought this palace back and he started using it as a Court House.

In the great earthquake of 1990 BS, the palace was badly damaged. Nobody repaired it and it was turned into ruins. During the reign of King Mahendra, the first maternal hospital in Nepal was built at that location.

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