Learn Nepal Bhasa with Sunita Dangol in Lockdown

A really good use of your lockdown time is to learn a new language. For those who had always wanted to learn Newa language, here is an opportunity offered for free by Sunita Dangol.

In the first part Sunita has told about Basic Nepalbhasa she started on the first day of the year 2077.

Newari language is Tibetian-Aryan language spoken in Kathmandu valley before Gorkha king invaded the valley. After that, Nepali language was made compulsory. As the official language became official, the traditional Newa is still the local language of communication.

Sorry, the videos are removed now.

Day 1 : Introduction
First part:

Lesson 2: Greetings & Question

Lesson 3: Pronoun and common answers

Lesson 4: Important phrases and verbs

Lesson 5:

Lesson 6: Clothing and accessories

Lesson 7
Part 1
Kitchen stuffs:

Part 2

Lesson 8 : Time and weather

Lesson 9 : Counting in Nepal Bhasha

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