Dilip Rayamajhi – Nepali Actor and producer

UPDATE: – Report about Dilip’s relocation to the USA (Dilip’s daughter’s Dubsmash video is also included – shows her acting talent):

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Dilip Rayamajhi is one of the leading actors in Nepali movie industry. He has acted in numerous hit movies and he is quite popular in Nepal as an actor, producer and choreographer . Dilip was born to a medium class family in Jhakha, Kirtipur on May 6, 1976.

He is married to Manju Rayamajhi and they have a  daughter named Dipika Rayamajhi.

Apart from acting, Dilip has also produced a couple of movies namely: “Hami Saathi Bhai” and “Shahid”.

Some of the Awards Dilip has won:

  • Best New Actor (Motion Picture Award 1999)
  • Best Actor Award, 2001
  • Best Actor (Dabur Anmol Motion Picture)
  • Best Actor in Negative Role (NEFTA TV Film 2001)
  • Best Actor (Motion Picture 2003)
  • Best Actor in Comic Role (National Film Award 2005)

Dilip Rayamajhi with his wife, Manju (NEFTA Award, Red Carpet in Hong Kong, October 2014):

dilip rayamajhi and Manju RAyamajhi NEFTA 2014

Dilip and Manju kiss their daughter Deepika (June 2014):

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Dilip Rayamajhi – Nepali Actor and producer

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  1. Dear sir,
    I am Bhutanese boy and studied in kalimpong(my college)Now am back in Bhutan.We Bhutanese are really fan of yours.I appreciate your work and performance.Sir why don’t you visit
    our country Bhutan.Gud luck and keep it up.I really like your films which you have acted.And I also like 1nepali movie i.e.”Bhar pipal” I wanna know the name of actoe and actress(hero and actress).well once again gud luck ,


  2. Rajesh Hamal, Dilip Raaymajhi, Niruta Singh, Rekha Thapa, Mithila Sharma.
    Dilip Said That is my best movie Dui Pal, Bandaki and Pahuna.That Movie is
    By:Dillip Rayamajhi
    His Best Friend is Niruta Singh

  3. Hi dilip ji…….. iam sapana from usa ….. and ur movie is so nice and ur action i like ur movie ur my favorite actor is you please send ur new nepali movie please.

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  5. hi dilip u look smart but y u doesnot sand movies i think u was tooooo bg wth ur gf ok byeeeeeeeeeeeee sond move

  6. Hi Dilip-ji…Namaste! I came to Nepal in 2000 for the first time…I love Kirtipur and the people…In a bus i met Dipak Rayamadjhi who said he is related to you, an actor…so I looked at some films…I like your dancing…and the Nepali clothes you wore…you carried it well…then for the past eleven years I lived in Nepal most of the time…I missed your films…you were doing less…I left Nepal this 2010…now I’m in the Philippines and will soon live in Brazil…you proudly wore Nepali clothes…I hope you will continue doing so…(I wear similar clothes for special occassions wherever I am…) Best of Luck and Jay Nepal!

  7. hi diilip i am also dilip but my last name is khatiwada how are you?i think you also fine.and how is you girlfriend is also fine.make very funny movie ok bye

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  9. hello dilip ji your movie is nice and your action also nice and your picture also nice, please can i have your emil id ok byeee…………

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