World’s Smallest Person: Khagendra finally gets recognized

Guinness World Records has finally verified Khagendra Thapa Magar, Nepal’s shortest man, as the shortest man in the world after verifying his height and weight last night. Thapa Magar was awarded a certificate and a medal in Rome on Feb 26, 2010.

The Guinness verification team found that Khagendra is 56 cm tall and weighs just five kg. Khagendra is given a temporary registration now and he will be officially registered as the shortest man of the world in Guinness World Records after six months when he turns 18.

The current smallest man record is held by China’s He Pingping, who is 29in (74.93 cm) tall.

With the help of Euro Television Network, Khagendra went to Italy in his quest for the Guinness record.


Conflicting news related to Khagendra:

He was supposed to be 18 on October of 2009 according to many news published in newspapers like this. Samacharpatra (in Nepali) still says his height is 20in whereas Nagariknews says that the height claimed previously was found not to be correct. The Himalayan Times published the registration number (154894) and talked about Gulma Mehta, a 57.15 cm tall man from India. The Indian was actually Gul Mohammed not Gulma Mehta or Gulma Mohat as mentioned in Nagariknews.

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