Dinesh DC biography and films

A media personality, actor, director and producer of Nepali movies, Dinesh DC is a multi-dimentional personality. DC has been successful as an actor and media personality. But, as a director, he has failed more than once. List of movies featuring Dinesh DC:

Nepali Movie – Muna Madan (Usha Poudel)
Nepali Movie – Diarry (Rekha Thapa, Chhulthim Gurung)
Nepali Movie – Timro Kassam
Nepali Movie – Apsara (Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)
Nepali Movie – Jaya Hos (2012)
Nepali Movie – Tori Lahure
Nepali Movie – Birano Maya
Nepali Movie – Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai
Nepali Movie – Sagun (Shiva Shrestha, Bipana Thapa, Juli Thapa, Rabi Basnet)
Nepali Movie – Pal
Nepali Movie – Naina Resham
Nepali Movie – Deurali
Nepali Movie – Sabadhan
Nepali Movie – Gham Chhaya
Nepali Movie – Shankar
Nepali Movie – Dhuk Dhuki
Nepali Movie – Maya’s Bar
Nepali Movie – Afno Manche Afnai Hunchha
Nepali Movie – Daanveer
Nepali Movie – Malai Maaf Garideu
Nepali Movie – Himmat 2
Nepali Movie – Bazaar
Nepali Movie – Muskan
Nepali Movie – Kasto Saino
Nepali Movie – Durga

Director Dinesh DC

The movies directed by Dinesh DC are (all movies are available to watch – links above):

  • Savadhan
  • Daiko Sasurali
  • Maya’s Bar
  • Chha Ekan Chha
  • Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai

Both ‘Savadhan’ and ‘Daiko Sasurali’ were total failure commercially. His third directorial venture ‘Maya’s Bar’ was the hat trick in his failure as a director.

So far, the only successful movie of Dinesh DC as a direction is ‘Chha Ekan Chha’. After ‘Chha Ekan Chha’, his ambitious home production movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’ was also a failure.

DC had used a lot of platforms including the prime minister at that time, KP Oli, to promote the movie. But, no promotion effort was helpful in making the movie successful. The failure of the movie also caused the breakup of the lead actors of the movie – Aamesh Bhandari and Neeta Dhungana.

(The information is taken from FilmsofNepal)

Dinesh DC personal life

Dinesh DC is married to Ranu DC. Dinesh and Ranu have two daughters (Shiwane DC and Saba DC). In 2015, One of the daughters, Saba DC had graduated in the USA with a BBA degree. Dinesh and Ranu had visited USA to participate in the graduation ceremony. During the visit, they met with an accident.


Dinesh DC with wife and two daughters (photo taken during the Dashain of 2013):