Dixita Karki – 14 years old YouTuber, singer

Popularly known as Pugu , Dixita Karki is a new sensation in Nepal. She is a singer and a YouTuber. She is quite popular because of her family background and also because of her father. The father, Chetan Raj Karki, is a musician himself. It’s because of her father, Dixita has gained such a popularity in a young age.

Dixita’s father and her mother divorced when she was 4-years-old. After the divorce, Dixita started to live with her father and grandmother.

Chetan Raj later married Anu Karki. Dixita lives with her father Chetan Raj Karki and Anu Karki. Dixita’s real mother, a woman of Tibedian origin, Nima, lives in Pokhara and is running her own business there. In addition to music Dixita’s father also owns a restaurant.

The mother, Anu Karki, is a drummer. That makes a musician family.

Dixita’s Tibetian mother used to call her Pugu. Pugu in Tibetan is baby. She is more popular as Pugu than as Dixita.

Dixita was born on Dec 13, 2004. She is currently 14 years old and will celebrate her 15th birthday on December of 2019. Dixita however looks much older than her acutal age.

She is currently studying in Gyanodaya Bal Batika School.

Dixita remembers her grandmother:

Her mother is also a talented ukulele player. Here is an example:

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