Shrinkhala got into Religion trouble again !

Last time it was Christianity. She distributed Santa Clause things during Christmas to poor kids and was accused of promoting Christianity to poor unsuspecting kids. She did that for the kid’s fun and entertainment.

Now, she is being the target of Muslim people in Nepal. There was a fashion show featuring hijab and Shrinkhala along with actress Priyanka Karki and banker Raveena Desraj participated in the fashion show. But, their participation was controversial.

This is what people think – “Now Promoting hijab. Next promote burqa. Next promote sharia law in Nepal. And next stone a woman to death in Tudikhel for marrying someone she chooses.”

One commenter says: “I am extremly disappionted @shrinkhala_ ..Hijab is a symbol of women oppression ..I am not against the people who wears it because its their choice but please do not encourage it should not be something you celebrate.”

Another comment: “You on one hand talk about feminism and women empowerment then on the other hand endorse tool that is used to oppress women?”

There is another, “I have been your supporter ever since MN but this ain’t it. You are endorsing a tool of oppression here. A tool that is used to tame and control women. It is indeed cute to have “love and respect” for different cultures but don’t get so blinded by “love” that you start supporting backwardness without even realising it. Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t even allowed to go out of their country without the permission and company of a male “guardian” under it’s opressive regimen whose culture you are promoting. It of course looks “cute” to you donning this tool of oppression BC you were born in a country where you weren’t forced to cover your face. Had you been born in Afghanistan or Pakistan you would have known how lucky you are to have born in a free society (although it still has a long way to go).”

“Being a woman i cant believe you are glamorizing a trend that has been oppressing women for centuries in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.”

Another, “Thanks for using your platform as propaganda instead of promoting true Nepalese culture. People can’t even identify Nepal on a map but here you are with an opportunity to show what Nepal is and stands for, but promoting agendas. Disappointed. Think acceptance of Nepal in the world. Inclusivity of Nepalese. The racism they face in the world instead of agendas. I’m not even Nepali and I see their struggles everyday.”

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