Embarrassing story of a mother and her daughter

A mother filed a complaint to the police about bullying. Her complain was against some local boys who have been, for past few days, making mockery of her daughter named Munni. It was complained that boys sung the famous song of an Indian movie Dabang, ‘Munni badnaam Hui Darling Tere Liye‘ whenever Munni passed by her neighborhood.

This had been like a daily routine for the local boys against Munni, and the family was very irritated by the unwelcomed and disturbing activity made by their neighbors. Munni’s mother pleaded to boys not to show such behavior against her daughter but in vain. Instead, boys would defend themselves by saying “what is harm in singing famous song like this”. It had been very difficult moments for the family to stay in such disturbing environment.

Finally, Munni’s mother decided to report this incident to the police after her friends suggested her to do so. Munni’s mother was reluctant to go to the police at first fearing that the embarrassing story would spread like a fire all over cities and it would be even more intolerable for her family.
It was sighing of relief for the family for a week. But the local boys started singing the song “My name is Shila..Shila ki Jawani…” from the Hindi movie ‘Tees Mar Khan’. Coincidently, Munni’s mother name is Shila. The local boys came to know about Mother’s name after she had reported her daughter’s incident. The family’s story got even worse after Shila’s name was revealed in the neighborhood. The local boys would sing both songs whenever the mother and the daughter would pass by the neighborhood.

It was excruciating for the mother and the daughter to stay in such neighborhood that does not have respect for the family. And therefore, they decided to move to different place in the city by changing their names.
The questions to be pondered upon are:

  • Should the mother and daughter have moved out just because the song was sung after their names? Were they so embarrassed that their lives were like hell?
  • Who would you blame for all the coincidences?
  • Should the song writer be blamed for writing such provocative songs? Or should such movies be banned?
  • What would you do if such incident happened to you?

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