Dhurmus Suntali announce Cricket Stadium, while Binod Chaudhary inaugurates Food Park in India

What a coincidence: While Binod Chaudhary inaugurates the construction of CG Food Park (probably in India) – Dhurmus Suntali have announced the construction of Cricket stadium in Nepal. (Chaudhary’s Food Park is inagurated by an Indian minister. See embed tweet of Nirvana Chaudhary at the end of this post)

When Nepali cricket team made history by winning the temporary One Day status, the richest person in Nepal, Binod Chaudhary wrote:

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Election 2017, No Gyanendra supporters? Komal Oli independent

The political parties and leaders have submitted their candidacy in the upcoming election in Nepal. I have compiled a list of location the top leaders of the country are contending in the election. A video report:

How Gyanendra is left alone in election?

Although Gyanendra had told that he was ready to take the leadership role, she hasn’t shown any sign of leadership. A leader is a person who consolidate people in a group and motivate it to follow him/her. But, Gyanendra isn’t seen doing that. It seems, he is doing the opposite. The party that supported him, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, got divided into two parties. One of them joined the ruling party, Nepali Congress and is running election in association with the party. Nepali Congress is one of the main force that had ended monarchy in Nepal.
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xNepali Exclusive Videos

I have started video blogging for a while now. I have started making some videos that are exclusive to xNepali. These videos are unlisted in the YouTube. So, they can’t be found in YouTube and are hidden from the public.

Top 5 political events of 2016

On the last day of 2016, I looked back to the year 2016 and listed out the top 5 political event from all over the world.

The political events include – the presidential election of the USA, terrorist attacks in Europe, Brexit, military coup on Turkey.
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QFX Cinema to open in Pulchowk, 5th so far

The movie theater chain QFX is opening it’s theater in the fifth location – at Pulchowk. The theater is located at Lalitpur Labim Mall at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The theater will feature the latest technology in movie theater. According to the distribution chief, Basanta Manandhar, coffee chain, Java, has also invested in the theater.

The above digital model of Labim Mall is released by QFX chief Nakim Uddin. Uddin is also the president of the film theater association Nepal Chalchitra Sangh.

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Shristi Shrestha to debut in theater, as Ophelia

The Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha, is going to debut in theater in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet. Shristi will be featured as the character Ophelia in the play. The play in is being played in association with the British Council, Theater Village and the British Embassy in Kathmandu.

The play in Nepali language is directed by Gregory Thompson in association with Bimal Subedi. The play is going to start at the Bhaktapur Durbar Square on October 12, 2015 at 6:00 PM. The regular shows of the play will start on December 17, 2015 till January 11, 2016 at Theater Village.

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RIP Shree Krishna Shrestha mother

The mother of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, Jagat Kumari Shrestha, has died suddenly at a hospital in Kathmandu. 88-years old Jagat Kumari was taken to Om hospital for regular checkup on Tuesday. She died at the hospital on Wednesday night, on September 16.

Photo – Sweta Khadka poses with Jagat Kumari after returning from the USA in July 2015.

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Another major earthquake strikes Nepal after two weeks of deadly earthquake

A 7.4 Reciter scale magnitude earthquake has struck Eastern Nepal after two weeks of 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake is near the town of Namche Bazar, a place near Mt. Everest.

Video at the parliament at the time of earthquake :

The latest tremor was felt as far as Indian capital New Delhi and Bangaladesh capital, Dhaka. The tremors felt in Kathmandu were strong, adding devastation to the badly damaged state caused by the April 25 earthquake.

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Its official, Saugat Bista is the youngest film director in the world

UPDATE – The Minister of Communication has handed over the World Record certificate to Saugat Bista in a program held in Kathmandu. In addition to the handing of certificate, Saugat’s mother’s birthday was also celebrated in the program. In the following photo Saugat is posing with the certificate in his hand.

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Congratulation 8-years-old director, Saugat Bista, you have made it (7 years at the time of release of the film)! The ‘Love you Baba’ director Saugat Bista is awarded the Gunnies World Record of being the youngest film director in the world. In the certificate, it is clearly written that Saugat is "The youngest director of a professionally made feature length film."

Although he was told to be 8-years old in the marketing materials of his film, it turns out that he was a few days shy of being 8-years old at the time of the release of his film. Saugat Bista was born on January 6, 2007 and was 7 years and 340 days when his film ‘Love You Baba’ was released in cinemas on December 12, 2014.

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Karishma Manandhar to make comeback as a producer after 14 years

Actress Karishma Manandhar has made a comeback in Nepali film industry as a producer after 14 years. After unexpected failure and loss of huge amount of money Karishma went in hiding. The failure was so frustrating that she left everything to go and stay in the USA. Now, she is testing her luck for the second time as a producer.

Karishma says that she still see the potential of commercial movies. She thinks that it is tough to recover the investment from the movies with new tests and experiments. She wants her film to feature love, romance, tragedy, thriller and action and help every types of movie goers to enjoy it.

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Keki Adhikari family in debt, bank notice published in newspaper

Actress Keki Adhikari‘s name and photo was published in a daily for being a witness to the bank defaulter. Her photo and detail was published with her father, director Badri Adhikari, and her mother Laxmi Adhikari for their failure to pay the credit they took from Civil Bank Limited.

In the notice, the bank has asked the creditors to pay the dues of the home load they had taken within 35 days of the notice. According to the following notice, the bank will auction their house if they fail to pay the dues in time.

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Namrata Shrestha recovering from sickness

Actress Namrata Shrestha had been sick since Dashain. When things became serious she was admitted to Norvic Hospital. After being treated and satisfactory improvement in her health she was recently discharged from the hospital.

Namrata wasn’t feeling well on during the September 27 concert held in Basantpur, Kathmandu. The media had no clue about her illness until she got better. She reportedly was sick of typhoid.

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Rajesh Hamal proposes Madhu Bhattarai in the first public appearance together

In an event organized in Kathmandu actor proposed his long time girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai. Rajesh offered a ring to Madhu in the program held at Shankar Hotel Kathamndu.

This was the first time the top actor was seen together with Madhu in a public function. The invited journalists in the program were asked to wait for half-an-hour before allowing in the room.

Video of the program:

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Chhabi Raj Ojha writing a book on his relationship with Rekha Thapa

The producer and ex-husband of Rekha Thapa, Chhabi Raj Ojha is writing a self-biography. The book expected to be released in about 8 months, Mangsir 2071, will feature the facts about their marriage and the events related to the relationship. The book is expected to include the story of not only Rekha, but also his previous marriages.

Rekha and Chhabi started living separately before a formal separation. Although they had stopped being husband and wife, they were seen together in the profession. But, that relationship has also deteriorated when they started accusing each other. In the past, Chhabi had said about loosing faith in women.

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Shyam Bhattarai lodged a complain against Rekha Thapa

Director Shyam Bhattarai has lodged a complain against actress and producer Rekha Thapa for indecent treatment and statements. In the complaint lodged to Film Director’s Guild of Nepal, the director has asked the Guild to take action against the actress who is also taking over the role of director Bhattarai in her movie ‘Himmatwali’.

Shyam is also the secretary of the Direcotr’s Guild in which the chief is Dinesh DC. The meeting of the Guild is going to be held later today to make the decision on Bhattarai’s complaint.

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