First class railway in Nepal

Excuse me, if you think I am making fun of the only railway in Nepal. No, I am not.

The railway and it’s operator, the government, is making fun of me (and every Nepali citizen, for that matter)! 


Why don’t they close it down, like the trolleybus, if they can’t operate it properly?

Janakpur-railway-first-class (10)

Janakpur-railway-first-class (13)

One thought on “First class railway in Nepal

  1. What a bullshit ?ke nepalma rail chha bhanne matrai ho ki sanchalanma pani sudhar lyaune?yasto narakiya dhangale sanchalan garnu bhanda ta banda gare yo sarkarle jawaf dina paryo ke kati prfits bhaeko chha?

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