Friday Release – Danav

Today, on September 26, 2014, Nepali movie ‘Danav’ is releasing in theaters all over Nepal.  The movie produced and directed by Dinesh Sharma features Mahima Silwal opposite to Dinesh Sharma. The movie is the debut movie of Dinesh as a director. In addition to producing and directing Dinesh has also written the script and dialogue of the movie.

The actress of the movie is known for controversial interviews and hot photo sessions.

The movie under banner Rakshanda Films is made on action and romance story. The movie is releasing in more than 50 theaters all over Nepal.

These days Dinesh Sharma had been quite popular in small screen tele-films in negative roles. He has appeared in big screen after a big gap.

The movie features the cinematography of Ram Narayan Chaudhari and Divya Subedi, and action of Shankar Maharjan. The movie is mostly shot in Kanchanpur and the surrounding areas.

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