Happy Holi – Karishma Manandhar organizing a special event

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Today is the festival of color in Nepal, Holi. We wish all our readers a very happy Holi! We hope everybody will make it enjoyable to everybody and they celebrate the festival amongst themselves.

Karishma Manandhar Event:

In the occasion, actress Karishma Manandhar is organizing a holi celebration in her home at Godawari, Lalitpur. Karishma has invited many of the Nepali movie personalities to celebrate holi in her home. The holi celebration starts at 10 AM in the morning and will run till about 5:00 PM in the evening. The event reminds me of photos of Rekha Thapa celebrating holi last year.

The actor Rajesh Hamal is on his way back from Japan and he is going to celebrate Holi in Thailand. He is returning back to Nepal on Sunday.

Bitter-Sweet – Lola Festival

The holi brings bitter-sweet feelings in many due to the inappropriate manner some people celebrate it in Kathmandu. The lola (water-filled balloon) culture has been one of the most detested aspect of the festival.

Throwing water filled balloons on unsuspecting strangers (specially, girls) start weeks before the actual festival. The resulting pain, discomfort, and the damage to the dress in victim’s part is no fun at all. The frustration among Nepali women is well expressed by the statement "sexual harassment masked in a festival…" by a Twitter user lady.

The government has been trying to implement tough actions against those who throw lola to strangers. But, policing every corner is impossible. Apart from taking tough action, the government should start educational campaign in every school, television, and radio well in advance and encourage people to practice decent celebration.

UPDATE: The same lady who expressed the  ""sexual harassment.." Twit has written an interesting article in Republica:

Are we animal enough that we need a “The Don’t Lola Girls, It’s Wrong Act of 2011” to be passed because we have so little discernment? … If so, then I’m wondering if we need the government to make it illegal to fart in public and elbow through lines. Do we really want the government to dictate such personal spaces?

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