He sold Sikkim to India – Biography of Lhendup Dorjee

The leader Lhendup Dorjee is accused of selling Sikkim to India. Lhendup acted according to the Indian master plan and helped in abolishing monarchy from the small country and handed the country over to India. In return he became the first Chief Minister of the new state of India.

After India became successful in swallowing the country, Lhendup was trashed like a rag. In the election the party of Lhendup failed to win any seats. His wife divorced and he lived a very simple life in a government provided residence.

Here is the biography video of Lhendup Dorjee

The video explains:

– who was Lhendup Dorjee?
– How did the King of Sikkim helped Lhendup Dorjee in his childhood?
– How Lhendup became close to the royal palace of Sikkim?
– How did Lhendup Dorjee became a politician?
– How did he became one of the most powerful politician in Sikkim?
– Why did Lhendup betray the King who gave him better life?
– What did India do to Lhendup ?

Lhendup was not a popular politician and he had faced a major loss in election. But, when Lhendup approached India to help him in the election, it interfered in the election and demanded a re-election. In the election, Lhendup and his members won almost all the seats of the parliament. That was how he became the prime minister of the Kingdom of Sikkim.

As soon as he became the prime minister he teamed up with India against the monarchy in the country. As the majority leader in parliament, he decided to merge Sikkim with India in 1975. After that, he surpassed all the voices against the merger by punishing whoever voiced against his decision.

Soon after his task of the merger was over, Lhendup was sent out of Sikkim. He remained in isolation for about three decades until his death in 2007. He was 102 years old, and alone at the time of hid death. After his death, the Indian government honoured him with titles.

Nepal government is in similar situation as that of Lhendup Dorjee in his time. Like Lhendup, KP Oli is leading a majority government now. The Indian government is trying to influence the country with its agenda. It is trying to get the leaders in Terai region to create problem in the country. India has been successful in abolishing monarchy – like that in Sikkim. But, it hasn’t been as easy as in Sikkim.

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