Highest paid actress, Samragyee RL Shah signs Jharana Thapa, A Mero Hajur 2

In a latest report, ‘Dreams’ actress Samragyee RL Shah has signed in the actress Jharana Thapa‘s directorial debut movie ‘E Mero Hajur 2’. According to reports, Samragyee was paid Rs. 5 lakh for her role in the movie. The amount is a huge amount to be paid to an actress in the Nepali movie industry. Video report:

The original ‘A Mero Hajur’ was directed by late director Shiva Regmi and featured Jharana Thapa and late Shree Krishna Shrestha in leading role. The new movie will feature new actors but, there has been no words on who the lead actor be to be featured opposite to Samragyee.

Watch ‘A Mero Hajur’ here. There is another movie with similar title titled ‘Mero Hajur’ (watch ‘mero Hajur’ here).

Samragyee had previously agreed to be featured in the movie to be made on the story of Subin Bhattarai novel ‘Summer Love’. In an unconfirmed report, the producer of the movie were not willing to fulfill the remuneration demand of Samragyee. The producer, Bikash Acharya, is reportedly searching for the crew members for the production of the movie. Muskan Dhakal is going to direct the movie ‘Summer Love’.

Highest paid actors in Nepali film industry

The ‘Dreams’ couple Samragyee and Anmol KC have broken the record of being the highest paid actors in the Nepali film industry. Anmol KC had recently signed a movie titled ‘Kri’ for a sum of Rs. 20 lakh (Rs. 2 Million). Anmol was paid Rs. 10 lakh for his role in the recent release movie ‘Gajalu’. These are the highest pay of any actors in Nepali film industry.

Although Samragyee’s pay of Rs. 5 lakh is four times less than that of Anmol KC in ‘Kri’, no other actresses have been paid that much amount so far. So, Samragyee is unofficially the highest paid actress in the Nepali film industry.

(Note– The payments to the artists are ‘unofficial’ data because, there is no authority to confirm the payment as advertised by film producers or the actors.)

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