Himmat-2 – Sequel of Deepak Shrestha – Posters and photos

The movie made on the direction of Deepak Shrestha and produced by Rekha Thapa, Himmat, did unexpected business. Excited by its success Deepak Sherestha started the second part, Himmat-2 under his own banner, Pancha Kanya Films. The movie was released at the time of Teej in the theaters out of Kathmandu.

The movie features Indian Idol, Prasant Tamang and actress Una Upreti. Biraj Bhatt is is another attraction of the movie. Some would also love the comedy actor Shree Krishna Luitel is appearing in double part.

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  1. badar mukhe really weapon chalaye po tha huntho palastik ko weapon 2 hat rakheko suhayen ho ke ke ni chest ramro vaye jasto garena open dress ma pic khicheko monkey hero………….

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