Holi 2014 at Karishma Manandhar’s home (photo feature)

Like previous years, Karishma Manandhar organized a holi celebration at her home.

Here are some photos of celebrities present in the party:

Karishma Manandhar with Shiva Shrestha.

Karishma with Anjali Shrestha and singer Sunita Dulal.

Actress Sugan Shahi

Sampada Baniya, Deepak Khanda and Urmila Rayamajhi.


Karishma with Jayan Subba Manandhar

We will post more photos as they arrive.

2 thoughts on “Holi 2014 at Karishma Manandhar’s home (photo feature)

  1. Dear Karishma Manandhar Ji, somehow we did not seen there Binod? Whatever,you should not forget him by any means..The point comes to other hand as you are enjoying your own it is not matter for us as how have money they are always good for them. other point is that as whatever you spent there for holi? same time you visit to those area,those persons who does not knowing about any celebration of holi or any festivals as they are laving in far and remote area where sunlight even reach very hardly. you know what i mean? look rekha social net work? yes if you donated some thing to those society or persons in the occasion of holi then it was wonderful? as the peoples they know you and those heart might have been touching you dear mum.

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