Is ‘K Yo Maya Ho’ based on an original story?

k_yo_maya_ho_poster-2 A new Nepali movie K Yo Maya Ho? directed by Sudarshan Thapa is releasing in Shrawan. The promo of the movie got good responses from the viewers and is expected to do good business. Reasons? Here are two of them:

  1. It is a second venture of Sudarshan Thapa and also he had commited that this movie is not a copied movie like his previous one Mero Euta Saathi Chha. He had confirmed that this movie contains totally fresh story of four youngsters.
  2. Music of the movie was expected to be good and finally it has got very good response too as Sudarshan and Sugam’s first movie Mero Euta Saathi Chha.

According to Sudarshan Thapa, K Yo Maya Ho? will do good business in the main cities of Nepal. He says, it contains the problems and life of youngsters in the cities. Sudarshan also confirms that, now onwards, his movies will contains fresh stories only. As being a good work by Sudarshan, he had faced a lot of comments from media and viewers for making Mero Euta Saathi Chha a copy of a Korean movie, Millonaire First Love.

Sudarshan says with confidence that, K Yo Maya Ho? doesn’t adopt any part of the story from any other movies. Whether the statement is right or wrong this will be decided only when the movie is released. But, at present, by observing the promotional materials of the movie, we can see some similarities with one of the Bollywood movies.

The title of the movie that, as seen in the posters, seems similar to one of the title of super hit Bollywood movies, Om Shanti Om. The posters design also seems to be inspired by the Hollywood movie, The Prison Break.

Do you see the similarity between the K yo Maya Ho’s poster above and the posters of two movies below?

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