Is talent being ignored? – Prakash Poudel (Part 2)

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Last year, one of Prakash Poudel’s album named Jal Paari was ready to be released but, the decision was changed in the last minute. He released one of the music videos, the response of which was good. This was the first serious album Prakash prepared, in contrast to his other fun filled, comedy theme music albums. Later, the release was postponed because of the most common reasons in Nepal – piracy and load-shedding. Prakash also mentioned that he was not happy with music awards and Nepali media.

Prakash Paudel claims that the video of Jal Paari was the first to be shot under-water. During the shooting of this video, a normal camera was enclosed in an aquarium like encasing. The shooting was done in a swimming pool in Biratnagar. The lip singing part however couldn’t be done underwater, so was done behind an aquarium. The cameraman Rojesh Shakya had done an excellent job of shooting the first ever underwater video in Nepal.

But, it is sad that the effort of the cameraman Rojesh Shakya remained unnoticed. He was never nominated in music awards either. To highlight why Rojesh wasn’t nominated for any awards, Prakash says, Rojesh doesn’t live in Kathmandu and he doesn’t have people in media to support him. It is a trend that the people involved in influential media and those with contact with the organizers, usually in Kathmandu, get nominated in such awards.

Those were some of the reasons Prakash didn’t release his album, on the last date. Although Prakash thinks that, being nominated in awards is not a big thing but it is also true that, such honor help in building confidence in newcomers. He says, awards organizers should appreciate the talent in newcomers and help them work hard for the future of the sector.

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