Cultural program held in UAE to help earthquake victims

Nepali artists participated in a cultural program held in UAE for free to help earthquake victims. In the program held in Abu Dhabi artists including Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, singler Tilak Bam Malla, Indra GC, Samjhana Lamichane, Prajita Gelal and Aastha Raut had given their presentation to the audience. The DID Little Master winner Teriya Magar had also danced in the stage.

uae cultural program artists9

More than 3,000 viewers were present in the program held in a school on Friday, July 12. The school had also provided the venue free to help the noble cause of the program. The money collected from the program will be transferred to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund.

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Is talent being ignored? – Prakash Poudel (Part 2)

Previous post – Prakash Poudel – Experimentation and Innovation in music

Last year, one of Prakash Poudel’s album named Jal Paari was ready to be released but, the decision was changed in the last minute. He released one of the music videos, the response of which was good. This was the first serious album Prakash prepared, in contrast to his other fun filled, comedy theme music albums. Later, the release was postponed because of the most common reasons in Nepal – piracy and load-shedding. Prakash also mentioned that he was not happy with music awards and Nepali media.

Prakash Paudel claims that the video of Jal Paari was the first to be shot under-water. During the shooting of this video, a normal camera was enclosed in an aquarium like encasing. The shooting was done in a swimming pool in Biratnagar. The lip singing part however couldn’t be done underwater, so was done behind an aquarium. The cameraman Rojesh Shakya had done an excellent job of shooting the first ever underwater video in Nepal.

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Prakash Poudel – Experimentation and Innovation in music (Part 1)

Do you remember singer Prakash Paudel? If not, do you remember a song “Naai Malai Tehi Keti Chahincha" – a cry rap song. Yes, Prakash Paudel is the same singer also known as Runche Gayak due to his first smash hit song “Naai Malai Tehi Keti Chahincha”. It has been 8 years since he entered the music field with his first album 3 Much, released by Moonlight Records. The debut album consisted of different experimental and comedy songs and it introduced him to the Nepali music industry as an experimental singer. The listeners have appreciated his talent and that album had done excellent business on its release.

Prakash is known for new and experimental types of songs. A whisper song “Kasailai sa bhannu la” and a lok-rap and comedy songs like “Doctor saabh vitamin lekhdinus na”. His fun filled songs are mostly popular among children and youngsters.

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