It was the first time – Madan Krishna Shrestha made others cry!

Yes, it was the first time the popular comedian Madan Krishna Shrestha didn’t make other people happy. He made them sad because he was engulfed in sadness – because of the death of his nearest and dearest wife, Yasodha Subedi Shrestha.

Yasodha, Madan Krishna’s wife for almost half-a-century couldn’t win her battle with cancer and died on April 2. On the next day, she was cremated in Pashupati Aryaghat. At that time, Madan Krishna couldn’t control himself and cried a lot. The people around him couldn’t keep their eyes dry. That was one of the saddest moment for a lot of people. See the following video:

I wrote about Madan Krishna’s love towards his wife and also made a video report on the love story of the couple. (read the previous article)

This is the cause of the death of Yasoda

Yasoda had been suffering from cancer for a long time. She was previously treated for piles. But, it later turned out that she had developed rectal cancer. When she was diagnosed, it was already too late. The cancer was in third stage.

That was 7 years ago. But, she fought with the disease. She lived this long because of the love of Madan Krishna and her positive attitude towards life. She went through multiple chemotherapy sessions. The cancer treatment by chemotherapy is a very painful process. It also has a lot of side effects to the body.

According to friends close to Madan Krishna, Yasodha had gone through 97 chemo therapy sessions. In her last stage, cancer was also seen in her lungs and in bone marrow of her spine.

15-days before her death, lower part of her body had stopped working. Because of the seriousness in her health, their daughter had also arrived from the USA. She was being treated at cancer hospital. It was more like waiting for her to die as there were no hope of improvement.

Previous video about the love story of Madan and Yasoda:

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