Fake marriage of Archana Peneru

The actress of ‘Jism’ and ‘Chhesko’, Archana Paneru got an instant popularity but, she couldn’t sustain the popularity for long. The popularity in social media was sudden and short-lived. Now, when she is unknown to may, she is trying to create a buzz in media. It seems, her attempts are not working this time.

A while ago, Archana announced that she got married to a foreign guy. She also shared photos of them together in her Facebook profile. But, when the “news” didn’t make any headlines and nobody actually believed in her, she has tried to un-do the marriage. I didn’t write about the marriage at that time because of the suspicion of it being only a propaganda. It now turned out to be true.

Watch the following video report about what had happened.

After the video report, Archana and her mother also shared a video telling that the news was ‘true’. The mother Sunita Paneru also told in the video that she has given blessing to the ‘newly-wed’ couple. (I couldn’t find the video online, but I will find the video and share later.)

Now, it is clear the mother-daughter duo had made it up only for publicity – a failed attempt however. On April 5, 2018 Archana admitted that she had lied at that time in a Facebook live session. She told, “I had lied about marriage. I am still single.”

About the photo-shot she shared earlier, Archana told that the photo was only photo-shot done for Valentine Day. She told, “I wanted to see how my fans react.”

The guy who she claimed to be her husband, Wolf Price, never shared any photos of Archana in his Facebook profile. He wrote about the incident and told that it was not a marriage. It was just a April Fool prank. He has asked everybody not to take the incident seriously.

Archana is a Chain Smoker

In the live session one of the participants asked if Archana smokes. In response, she showed a packet of cigarette and told that she is a chain smoker.

Earlier, Archana had shares photos with her mother sharing cigarettes. It is clear that the mother has introduced the habit to the daughter.

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