It's no school bus – luggage rack the culprit?

Yes, it’s not an school bus like the ones you won’t like the little kids to ride (for example, three wheeler school buses, and the auto rickshaw and transportations so crowded that school kids even had to ride in between the steering wheel and the driver). But, these kids are taking extreme risk to go to their school in this public bus. There is probably no seat inside the bus and if they miss this bus they might miss their school. No driver or khalasi (bus helper) can force the children to get down.

Everybody knows it is unsafe, but the government authorities haven’t been able to control such types of unsafe transportation and are thinking of implementing new measures to stop such behavior of the passengers.

Now, they seem to have found the cause of such an abuse of public transportation – "the luggage rack" on top of the bus. When there is no seat or space inside, the passengers usually take refuge to the luggage rack on the top. The passengers usually ignore the request of the bus driver, bus helper, or even the police officers because of the scarcity of transportation during rush hours and festive seasons.

The police officers have been creative in creating a guideline that prohibits public buses to install the luggage rack. The luggage will instead be stowed under the seats. If the directive could be implemented, the travellers of public bus will be a little bit safer while travelling. Photo source – Kantipur

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