Director Deepak Rayamajhi dies at 58 (Photo Update)

58 year old director of Nepali movie industry, Deepak Rayamajhi, has died of heart failure, yesterday in Gangalal Hospital. He was rushed to hospital after the heart attack, where he died at around 12:30AM. His last ritual was conducted in the morning in Pashupati Aryaghat amongst various personals of Nepali movie industry.

After receiving master’s degree in film direction from Russia, he directed his first movie “Bhagya Rekha” in late 1980s. Some of the movies he had directed include Yug dekhi Yug Samma (‘s first movie), Pryasi, Parai Gjhar and others.

Rayamajhi’s father, ex-minister, Keshar Jung Rayamajhi, is also alive and in his family he had wife and two daughters. Rayamajhi was planning to visit Australia for the screening of Destination Kathmandu by the end of the year. Before that, he also had plans to marry his younger daughter.

He died before the start of the shooting of his next project Made in Nepal. Apart from Destination Kathmandu two other movies , Love story 2066, and Chadai Aau Hai, are finished and are waiting to be released.

It is a great loss to the Nepali movie industry to loose such a talented director. We wish the Deepak’s soul will rest in peace!

Two of his movies, Pooja and Hamro Milan Khile Hunchha were posted previously in the movie blog.

The exact cause of the death of Deepak Rayamajhi is being debated on. Although, he was told to have died because of heart failure, some news media have have a different story to tell. It is rumored that he got critically injured after falling from top of his home and later died in hospital. Some say that his Russian wife, with whom he has a son, had arrived in Kathmandu after 30 years and Rayamajhi had a family dispute before the incident happened.

It is to be noted that the family members haven’t given an exact cause of his death and he was cremated in a hurry without conducting any formal ceremony.

Attached is the news published in today’s Kantipur:

12 thoughts on “Director Deepak Rayamajhi dies at 58 (Photo Update)

  1. मैले उहाँशङग मेरो मतलब उहाको घरमा आठ बर्ष बिताए यतिका लामो समयमा मैले चाहेको त पाउन सकिन तर पनि धेरै कुरा अनि धेरै-धेरै आइडिया pls. होउसलाहरु पाए आज उहाको सम्झना मेरो मन्मा छ र रहिरहने छ

    उहको आत्माले शान्ती पाउनु होस यहि छ मेरो कामना

    • गणेश जि, तपाइको लागि यो लेख उपयोगि भएको सुन्दा खुशि लाग्यो

      दिपक रायमाझिको आत्माले शान्ति पाओस !!

  2. ya…its true i often think during watching nepali movie, it would be better then best if had little script or story change…wish me friend i m trying to improve in comming years……

  3. how this happened is suspicious? He was an asset for our country. We lost biggest asset in our film industry, so guilty must be punished.

  4. Ooo i dont able to understant because how,why and where?But it is not good for nepali film industries and all nepalese people because he is a best director in nepali film.I am socked from this news.

  5. it so bad for all nepali to loss u ……sir nepal miss u lot………We wish the Deepak’s soul will rest in peace!

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