Jiwan Luitel burnt an effigy of earthquake, a psychological treatment of fear

As a symbolic protest, burning an effigy of political leaders have been quite popular in Nepal. But, for the first time, I have felt the true use of such an practice. Actor Jiwan Luitel has burned an effigy of earthquake prepared by the women’s group in Shivanagar, Kalanki.

Although it seems like a superstition, it was used as the psychological treatment of the women and children of the area. The organizer, Women Development Committee, has found that the children and women were so afraid of earthquake that some were afraid of entering houses. The symbolic burning of the image of earthquake has brought relief on the people.

After the proceeding, the organizers have found that the children are happier and less afraid.

Actor Jiwan Luitel was in the USA at the time of the earthquake. He returned back to help the earthquake victims and had distributed earthquake relief materials to the victims of Dhading, Kabhre and Kathmandu. Jiwan had also donated Rs. 51,000 towards the temporary residence building at Rampur Danda of Kabhre. More than 30 houses have already been built in the area.  One of the actresses voluentering the construction work, Keki Adhikari, has told that he framework of the building takes less than 2-hours to construct. The locals can then complete it by constructing two walls with door and windows.

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