65 families got Tihar present from Dhurmus and Suntali, new residence at Giranchaur

The 65 earthquake victim families at Giranchaur were handed over the new residences by the comedy actors duo who turned into social workers after the devastating earthquake of 2015. In their second phase of the construction of residences to the earthquake, Dhurmus and Suntali handed over the 65 residences in a program held on the first day of Tihar, October 28, 2016. The president, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, was the chief guest of the program held to hand over the earthquake-resisting houses.

A video report of the event:

The residences are divided into three blocks. In Block A, there are 23 houses, two children parks, one parking and two public water taps. The key to the Block A residences was handed over by the president Bidhya Devi Bhandari to the locals.
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Karishma Manandhar and artists hand over 50 houses to Chogaun residents, more houses being made

Actress Karishma Manandhar in co-ordination with Param Shakti Peeth is constructing 75 temporary residences for earthquake victims. Out of the promised 75 houses, 50 houses were handed over to the earthquake victims in an even organized on Tuesday, June 23. Minister Minendra Rijal was also present at the handing ceremony of the housed named Batsalaya Kuti to the locals of Chogaun.
Audio report

karishma manandhar with other artists

The houses were constructed in Chogaun of Dharmasthali Municipality in Kathmandu. In addition to the minister the Film Development Board chairman and other film artists has participated in the program.

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Jackie Chan in Nepal to help earthquake victims

World renowned action star Jackie Chan has arrived in Nepal to help the earthquake victims. Chan arrived throught an Air China flight and is living in Hotel Soltaee.

A video report:

Jackie helped in the collection of Rs. 1.02 million to help earthquake victims in an event in Singapore. During his stay in Nepal, he is planning to visit earthquake damaged area.

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Film artists won by 3-0 in friendly football match for earthquake relief (photos)

The film artists and the politicians have teamed up to help the earthquake victims on Saturday  June 6, 2015. In the friendly football match held of the playground of armed police in Halchock, Kathmandu, the leader team lost by 3:0 to the film artists team.

The president Ram Baran Yadav had inaugurated the game. The politician team had the Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, Prachanda, KP Oli, Baburam Bhattarai, Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Kumar Nepal and a lot of other leaders.

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Artists and political leaders to compete in a football match for earthquake relief

To support the earthquake victims, the political leaders including the president Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Sushil Koirala are competing against the film artists in a football game to he held at 2:00 PM at Halchowk, Katmandu.

Almost all the major political leaders and most of the film artists are participating in the friendly game. The fund collected at the of again will be used in the relief work of earthquake victims. The game is being held at the play ground of the armed police in Halchowk.

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Rekha Thapa supports four earthquake victim film journalists

Through her organization, Rekha Thapa Foundation, actress Rekha Thapa has given Rs. 30,000 in cash to each of the four film journalists whose houses were damaged by the April 25 earthquake. Rekha currently being in the USA, has send the money to the victim film journalists through the Shabir Shrestha, the secretary of the Foundation.

The journalists who received the support money include DP Shah, Bijaya Ratna Tuladhar, Kuber Giri and Sarada Thapa. All four journalists had lost their homes to earthquake.

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12 Major Theaters closed after earthquake, Chha Ekan Chha re-releasing

According to Motion Picture Association, 12 major theaters are closed in the earthquake affected area. Some of the closed theaters are undergoing repairs after earthquake damages and others are closed because of the lack of the movie to screen in them. As the earthquake aftershocks haven’t stopped even after a month of the devastating earthquake, viewers are skeptical in going to theaters to watch the movies.

A video report:

According to Gopal Kayastha, Kalanki theater is in the verge of collapse, Asta Narayan and Ganga are also being renovated after earthquake. Other closed theaters include a multiplex in Bagbazar, Subhakamana and Mayur theaters in Banepal, Barahi and Kamalbinayak theaters in Bhaktapur, Hira Ratna, Asta Narayan, Ganga and Kalanki theaters in Kathmandu.

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Chha Ekan Chha to release to support earthquake victims

The comedy actor and the producer of the hit movie ‘Chha Ekan Chha,’ Deepak Raj Giri has announced that the movie is re-releasing on Friday to support earthquake victims. According to report, co-producer actress Deepa Shree Niraula had suggested the re-release of the movie.

As no new Nepali movies are being released for some time, Deepa and Deepak had decided to utilize this time to release the hit movie to collect fund for earthquake victim. The movie released on January 10, 2014 got mixed review and aggressive promotion in television. The movie is also available to watch in full in xnepali here – watch ‘Chha Ekan Chha’ here.

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Will the movie theaters open this Friday?

It has almost been a month of the devastating Nepal Earthquake and the film theaters are yet to open for business. Although the theater owners had announced the resumption of business on the second week of earthquake, the government found them risky to re-open before comprehensive structural evaluation of the structures.

The second big after shock on May 12 caused further damages to the structures and killed some people. The theaters couldn’t open on that week. Now, there is still uncertainty of the safety the theaters as some theaters. The government hasn’t been able to identify the risky and safe theaters so far. According to the spokesperson of Film Development Board (FDB), the government authority will require some more days to publish the full list of damaged theaters.

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Temporary residences named after movies

The temporary residences constructed by the help of Nepali film artists at Rampur Danda of Kabhrepalanchowk are handed over to the locals. The earthquake had destroyed about 40 houses in the area. On May 20 a group of Nepali film artists handed over the houses, named after popular Nepali movies, to the owners.

The team led by Suresh Darpan Pokharel in association of actress Keki Adhikari had constructed all 40 temporary residences in the last four days. The volunteer artists include Benisha Hamal, Surekshya Pant, Melina Manandhar, Barsha Siwakoti, Nandita KC, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jiwan Luitel, Anmol KC, Yashraj, Swotantra Pratap Shah and musician Basanta Sapkota had supported by volunteering and providing the financial resources to help in the construction of the buildings.

All the 40 houses are named after Nepali films including the first Nepali movie ‘Aama’ (watch ‘Aama’ here) to the relatively new movie ‘Sano Sansar’ (watch ‘Sano Sansar’ here). The naming of the house didn’t have any relationship to the producers of the movies.

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Jiwan Luitel burnt an effigy of earthquake, a psychological treatment of fear

As a symbolic protest, burning an effigy of political leaders have been quite popular in Nepal. But, for the first time, I have felt the true use of such an practice. Actor Jiwan Luitel has burned an effigy of earthquake prepared by the women’s group in Shivanagar, Kalanki.

Although it seems like a superstition, it was used as the psychological treatment of the women and children of the area. The organizer, Women Development Committee, has found that the children and women were so afraid of earthquake that some were afraid of entering houses. The symbolic burning of the image of earthquake has brought relief on the people.

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Nepali film artists build temporary residences

With the help of earthquake victims, a small team of Nepali artists have constructed a number of temporary cylindrical residences. The artist team had constructed 5 residences on the first day and 15 residences on the second day. The artists have formed a team of We For All and the residences are being constructed under Project Roof.

So far, plastic tents and plastic sheets were being distributed to the earthquake victims for temporary residence. As monsoon approaches, such residences wont be sufficient to withstand the rain. The voluenter artists of the second day were Nandita KC, Keki Adhikari, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, Benisha Hamal and dress designer April Shrestha.

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Another major earthquake strikes Nepal after two weeks of deadly earthquake

A 7.4 Reciter scale magnitude earthquake has struck Eastern Nepal after two weeks of 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake is near the town of Namche Bazar, a place near Mt. Everest.

Video at the parliament at the time of earthquake :

The latest tremor was felt as far as Indian capital New Delhi and Bangaladesh capital, Dhaka. The tremors felt in Kathmandu were strong, adding devastation to the badly damaged state caused by the April 25 earthquake.

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12 years old, award winning, Beiman Kaal actress died in earthquake 2015

In a report received late, an award winning theater actress, Karina Khatri had died in the April 25, 2015 earthquake. The 12-years-old actress had participated in the 6th National Children Theater Festival organized by Shailee Theater and won the Shailee Best Actor award.

Photo – Karina Khatri (center)

Karina had acted in the play titled ‘Beimani Kaal’ meaning Ruthless Death in English. The ruthless death actually took her away only after a couple of months of the festival that ran from February 9 to February 15, 2015. Award winning director Navaraj Khadka had directed the play presented by Charumati English School.

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Movies goers warned, some theaters found risky to reopen

The organization of movie theaters had decided to open the theaters this Friday. They had claimed that they had performed the required engineering aspects of the theaters before making the decision. But, the government had objected their decision and started performing their own damage assessment. On May 8, we were informed that Cine de Chef was the only theater damaged by earthquake. But, the government damage assessment team has found more theaters unsuitable for occupancy.

According to a report in Onlinekhabr, the government engineering team has declared 3 theaters under Guna Cinemas too risky to operate by posting red stickers on the theaters.

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