Karishma Manandhar anger towards her husband in Facebook

These days, the social network has become the place to vent your frustration and problems. It is another story that it almost always has a negative effect to the person. It is usually the start of a bigger problem to deal with those who try to piss you more. That is what I saw no the latest Karishma Manandhar status in Facebook. She has told about her husband being unhelpful in getting her voters’ card. She accused Binod Manandhar of being self-centered.

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What had happened to Karishma?

In 2013, during the election of the 2nd Constitution Assembly, Karishma had told that she went to the election commission to get her voters’ card. But, what she didn’t tell at that time was that, she didn’t get the card because she was registered to vote in Rajbiraj.

See the 2013 status:

Now, she still doesn’t have the voters card. That was the reason she couldn’t vote in the election of Baisakh 31, 2074. Karishma wrote, “Sorry to say this Binod, you have to accept me as your important family member. You are taking me too light.”

Karishma Manandhar’s status:

Karishma Manandhar and Binod Manandhar

Binod Manandhar was a non-resident Nepali when Karishma first met him. He was living in the UK. Binod and his friends decided to produced a Nepali movie titled ‘Kasturi’. In the movie, the lead actress was Karishma KC. During the production of the movie, Binod and Karishma started having an affair. Before the release of the movie, they got married.

After marriage, Karishma KC became Karishma Manandhar. That was how Karishma became a resident of Rajbiraj, the residence of Binod Manandhar.

After marriage, Binod Manandhar started living in Nepal although his father and his other family members still lived in the UK. After the failure of Karishma’s second movie, Karishma Manandhar left Binod and went to the USA to live all by herself. She obtained the Green Card in the USA and also took her daughter Kabita Manandhar to the USA. Although Karishma returned back to Nepal after a few years there, Kabita is currently studying in the USA.

Holi of 2012 – Karishma applies colour to Binod Manandhar

Karishma and Binod with their daughter – Holi of 2012.

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