Karishma Manandhar might direct Ramesh Upreti's movie

Actor Ramesh Upreti has returned back to Nepal after three years and he has plans to produce a movie. The movie is going to be directed by Karishma Manandhar. According to a website, the action movie will go to floor in 2013.


Ramesh Upreti had gone to the USA at the peak of his acting career. He is back home for two months and he is planning to record at least two songs of the movie. The visuals of the songs will be shot in the USA. He is yet to finalize
the story and the title of the movie.


One thought on “Karishma Manandhar might direct Ramesh Upreti's movie

  1. thats nice.karisma manandhar is only nepali actress who looks always young and beautiful.hurry to see ramesh and karisma together.

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