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Reviewer – Raunak Niraula

Nepali film ‘Karkash’ was released all over Nepal and Australia on June 14, 2013. ‘Karkash’ is produced by Asim Shah and directed by famous music video director Asif Shah. It features Dayahang Rai, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Satya Raj Acharya, Raymon Das Shrestha, Harshika Shrestha, Rajendra Khadgi and Ragini Khadgi in lead roles. The story of the movie is written by Abhinash Bikram Shah, the writer of Highway.

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Karkash is a story of three boys who have formed a musical band named Karkash. They perform in a local restaurant of Thamel. The band wanted to participate in a Band Competition with an award of one lakh for the winner. A problem of Karkash band was that, they lack a good vocalist in their band. While searching a singer for their band, they meet Ivan who is a singer by hobby and an owner of a pub. Ivan is a rich businessman and has an affair with a foreigner. When Ivan’s relationship with the foreigner girl ends, Ivan gets disturbed. The problem in relationship and the response of Ivan led to problem for both the band and Ivan. I don’t want to kill excitement of watching movie by revealing the plot.

Strength and Weakness

The strong point of ‘Karkash’ is the realist performance of the actors. Another good thing of the movie is its screenplay. Good screenplay and good performance are the two key point of ‘Karkash’ to make the movie exciting and binding. It is a simple story executed in an entertaining way.

The story of the movie is targeted to the audiences of city area and the director Asif Shah has been successful in making it entertaining. The characters are justified, dialogues are suitable to the situation, background score is proper. The director Asif Shah says that they have worked for more than one year in completing the script of the movie. It would have been better if he could have taken a couple of months more to complete by coming up with a good climax.

One of the major weakness of the movie is the climax. There are a few unanswered question due to a weak climax. But, if you are looking for entertainment, the movie will cater your entertainment needs for the two hours it lasts.

Star Cast

Dayahang Rai, the main character of the movie, will make you laugh throughout the movie. His role as an Andy is fresh and the way he speaks, his background, his attachment with his landlady are interesting aspects of the movie. Raymon Das’s performance is far better than his previous work on ‘Visa Girl‘. Satya Raj Acharya’s performance is also good.

Another interesting character of the movie is the character of a butcher, played by Rajendra Khadgi. Ragini Khadgi and singer Rajan Ishan’s performance is good. Asif Shah’s cameo role is interesting and adds another ingredient for entertaining movie.

Another highlighted actor of the movie is Suraj Singh Thakuri due to whom movie has got more publicity among the audiences of city areas. But his performance is not to par of his performance in program ‘Call Kantipur’. Suraj’s work as an actor is average and his performance gets shaded by the performances of other actors.


Karkash is an entertaining movie especially, for the audiences of city areas. Movie is a package of good performance, simple and proper story executed, proper dialogues but, disappointing climax.  If you want to get entertained for two hours then I strongly recommended to watch Karkash but, at the same time I also warn you to get ready for an unpleasing climax.

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  1. The strength of this movie is screenplay, that means this movie surpasses the most weakest point of nepali movie, whatever the climax be, I think I will watch this movie.

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