Nepali Movie – Karkash (Dayahang Rai, Harshika)

Nepali Movie – Karkash
Starring -  Dayahang Rai, Satya Raj Acharya, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Harshika Shrestha, Raymond Das Shrestha, Lunibha Tuladhar, Shishir Bangdel, Rajendra Khadgi, Ragini Khadgi, Saibrat Acharya etc.
Director – Asif Shah

About ‘Karkash’

The movie produced by Asim Shah, Nepali movie ‘Karkash’ was liked by the film critics although it wasn’t successful commercially. The movie features the cinematography of Sushan Prajapati, editing of Lokesh Bajracharya and is made on the story, screenplay and dialogue of Abinash Bikram Sahah / Asif Shah. The movie is the story of three boys who started a musical band named Karkash and perform in a local restaurant at Thamel in Kathmandu. The music band lacked a good vocalist. They found a lead vocalist – a rich businessman. The movie is about relationships of the band members, and the ups and downs of their lives.

Read the review of ‘Karkash’.

Movie is a package of good performance, simple and proper story executed, proper dialogues but, disappointing climax.

Watch the full movie:
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5 Actresses who started acting career as child artists, like Namrata, Priyanka, Neeta

I have prepared a video report on five actresses who started their acting career in their childhood. These actresses didn’t know about their future as actresses, when they acted in their first movies. Out of the five actresses, three are considered some of the top actresses in the Nepali movie industry. Two actresses discontinued acting after acting in some movies.

Watch the video report :

The actresses covered in the video are:

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Nepali Movie – Sagun (Shiva Shrestha, Bipana Thapa, Juli Thapa, Rabi Basnet)

Nepali Film – Sagun
StarringShiva Shrestha, Bipana Thapa, Rabi Basnet, Juli Thapa, Nir Shah, Sunil Thapa, Narayan Tripathi, Dinesh DC, Bijay Deuja, Basundhara Bhusal, Uttam KC, Jitu Nepal, Daman Rupakheti, Nawal Nepal, Ragini Khadgi etc.
Director Narayan Puri

About ‘Sagun’

The Nepali movie ‘Sagun’ is a presentation of Creative Hands, is subtitled ‘An explosive love story’. Please don’t confuse this movie with another ‘Sagun’, a Tamang culture film.

The lead actors Rabi Basnet and Juli Thapa are the new presentation in the movie. Bijay Deuja is also a new presentation in the film. While Basundhara Bhusal is a guest artist, special attraction are Shiva Shrestha and Bipana Thapa. Based on the story of Bikash Acharya, the script was written jointly by Suraj Subba and Deepak Giri. Music is composed by Sachin Singh, choreography of Raju Shah, action of Rajendra Khadgi, cinematography by Shiva-Kishor Dhakal, and editing by Karun Thapa. Actress Ragini Khadgi is featured as a child artist in the film. The director Nawal Nepal was the assistant director to Narayan Puri.

Watch full movie ‘Sagun’:
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Nepali Movie – Nothing Impossible

Nepali Movie – Nothing Impossible
StarringRagini Khadgi, Kushal Thapa, Romi Khadgi, Rajendra Khadgi, Rabindra Khadka, Sapana Shrestha, Kushal Thapa etc.
Director – Rajendra Khadgi

Watch ‘Nothing Impossible’ in full in a single part:

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Friday Release, Tanab

This week only one movie ‘Tanab’ is releasing in theater on April 3, 2015. It is a relief at the time when three or more movies are being released every week. Previously another movie ‘Paap’ was also scheduled to release on the same date. But, the movie is now delayed for a few weeks.

A movie directed by Rishi Neupane, ‘Tanab’ is made on a real incident. The movie features Nirmal Century with actresses Ragini Khadgi and Ani Kunwar. The actor Century is featured as a lover boy and action actor.

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Nepali Movie – Dulahi Rani

Nepali Movie – Dulahi Rani
Starring – Jaya Kishan Basnet, Mukesh Acharya, Ragini Khadgi, Rabindra Khadka, Mausami Malla, Umesh Mayalu, Sabina Karki etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

A presentation of Salina Basnet, the movie was released on March 30, 2012. The script of the movie made on a social story is written by Mohan Niraula. The movie marks the debut of Ragini Khadgi, the daughter of fight director Rajendra Khadgi.

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Friday Release – Kohinoor and Shisha

‘Kohinoor’ premier show held

The movie produced and led by the couple Shree Krishna Shrestha and Sweta Khadka, ‘Kohinoor’ was released in theaters on Friday, August 8. Although a grand premier show was canceled, a show was also held in Kumari Theater in Friday morning among some journalists and film personalities.

Another movie released in theater was ‘Shisha’. A movie directed by RBK Sharad is a romance, action and social drama movie. The movie featuring Jiwan Luitel, Uma Baby, Ragini Khadgi, Nirmal Senchuri, Dipesh Bhandari, Shreya Duala was shot in Sikkim and Nepal. The movie also feature Indian football player Bhaichung Bhutiya. 

Shree Krishna and Sweta had sent an audio message telling that they won’t be present in the release and promotion of the movie because of Shree’s sickness and treatment in India.

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Ram Leela announced in Sheesha press meet

During the press meet of upcoming movie ‘Sheesha’, new movie by the same director was announced. ‘Sheesha’, the movie featuring Jiwan Luitel, Uma Baby, and Ragini Khadgi is going to release next week (August 8). ‘Sheesha’ also features the popular Indian football player Bhaichung Bhutiya in a guest role.

The following video was recorded in an earlier press meet held in May (not the recent one).

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Nepali Movie – Bramha

Nepali Movie – Bramha
Starring – Nirmal Senchuri, Ragini Khadgi, Bikram Chhetri, Yani Kunwar, DB Chhetri, Umesh Mayalau etc.
Director -  Rishi Neupane

‘Bramha’ is a presentation of Bharosha Films. It features music of Chetan Sapkota, Basanta Sapkota and , choreography of Babbu Thapa and Ram Rimal. The editor is Yubraj Khatri, cinematographer is Pawan Gautam. The movie is made on the story of Maunata Shrestha.

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Nepali Movie – Bheti

Nepali Movie – Bheti
StarringRekha Thapa, Rajendra Khadgi, Ragini Khadgi, Pramod khadka, Bishnu Sapkota, Kishor chaudahry, Deepak Adhikari, Mukunda Thapa etc.
Directior – Kishor Chaudhary

A movie by Narayan Khatiwada, ‘Bheti’ was released on November 2, 2012. Rekha Thapa’s role in the movie is said to be short but effective role. Ragini is featured with her dad Rajendra Khadgi in the movie. The screenplay and the story of the movie is written by the director Kishor Chaudhary.

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Seesha to release on August 8

In a press meet held in Kathmandu, Nepali movie ‘Sheesha’ to inform about the movie and announce the release date – August 8 (Shrawn 23). The movie directed by RBK Sharad features actors like Jiwan Luitel, Sharmila Malla, Shanti Giri, Uma Baby, Ragini Khadgi, Nirmal Senchuri etc.  in main roles.

Press meet video:

Photo – Jiwan Luitel and Uma Baby during the press meet:

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Nepali Movie – Lafada

Nepali Movie – Lafada
StarringMukesh Dhakal, Jharana Thapa, Ragini Khadgi, Pramod Khadka, Nirajan Pradhan, Dipen Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Sunil Dutta Pandey, Sanjog Khatiwada, Ashok Shrestha etc.
Director – Kishor Chaudhary

‘Lafada’ is an action family drama movie presented by Narayan Khatiwada. The movie features all the entertainment aspect to satisfy all types of film viewers.

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Holi plans of Nepali actors

The festival of colors is special occasion to organize parties in different individuals and organizations. Because of the celebrations, it is special for the artists of Nepali movie industry. On the occasion of the festiaval, we have compiled the plans of Nepali actors.

Karishma Manandhar

Like previous years, Karishma is organizing a huge Holi party in her home. She has invited more than 300 guests for the party that starts at 11 AM in her home at Godavari.

File photo – Holi 2067 BS

Actor Rajesh Hamal is allergic to colors. He doesn’t look forward to participating in Holi parties. This year, he has a lot of invitations to celebrate the festival, but he is yet to decide.

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Rishi Neupane movie Bramha to release this Friday

Another movie of popular director Rishi Neupane, ‘Bramha’ is releasing this Friday, March 14, 2014. The movie featuring a new face, Bikram Chhetri, in leading role will also feature actress Ragini Khadgi in his opposite. Actress Anny Kunwar and Bikram Century are also featured in main roles in the movie.

The director Rishi is known for his previously popular movies like ‘Don’, ‘Khalnayak’, ‘Takkari Dui Mutuko‘, ‘Mero Rajesh Dai’ and ‘Luck’.

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Bhaichung Bhutia featured in Nepali movie Shisha

The Indian football star, Bhaichung Bhutia, is going to be featured in a Nepali movie, ‘Shisha’. Bhutia is the ex-captain of Indian football team. He had spent a long career in the Indian football team and has recently retired from playing.

Bhaichung was born in Sikkim and love Nepali language. He had spent about four hours in the shooting of the scene featuring him in the movie and he did it for free.

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