Katha released in Sikkim

Nepali movie ‘Katha’ was released in a theater in Sikkim, India. The movie directed by Prasant Rasaily (‘Acharya’ fame) was mainly shot in Sikkim and was released in the place first for that reason. It will be released in Nepal on March 22.

katha poster 1

Director Rasaily told that the movie will be released in selected theaters in Kathmandu. The release of the movie out of Kathmandu will be decided based on the response of the viewers in Kathmandu. 

‘Katha’ features Saugat Malla, Usha Rajak and Timothy Rai in lead roles. The movie was featured in a number of international film festivals including 14the Mumbai International Film Festival. The movie written by the director Rasaily features the cinematography of Shailendradhoj Karki and is released on the banner of Dreamstream Entertainment.

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